Sharpton, MSNBC eager to close door on Trump; use same script to spew their venom at DeSantis

Hopeful that the disastrous midterm elections have done what Robert Mueller and the J6 committee failed to do, some Democrats are already moving past former President Donald J. Trump as their focus shifts to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the GOP’s rising star who is about to have the full force of the media smear machine unleashed against him.

Trump’s critics within the Republican party have pounced on the failure to win significant majorities in both houses of Congress at a time when deeply unpopular President Joe Biden’s policies have taken a wrecking ball to America as their golden opportunity to put an end to the political career of the bombastic billionaire businessman who rocked the establishment with his shocking upset of Hillary Clinton and the toppling of the Bush-McCain-Romney GOP establishment.

Racial grievance grifter and MSNBC host Al Sharpton is one of those shoveling dirt on Trump’s political grave and drawing a bead on the Republican leader whose own state experienced the “red tsunami” that failed to materialize throughout the rest of the country.

(Video: MSNBC)

On Friday’s edition of “Deadline: White House” the reverend joined former George W. Bush regime White House communications director Nicolle Wallace and Michael Cohen, Trump’s one-time attorney who flipped against him after his office was raided by the FBI in 2018 to discuss the latest developments.

“I think that Donald Trump, in the end, will probably not run,” Sharpton predicated. “I think that he’s going to announce. I think it probably is the worst nightmare for DeSantis to be getting this kind of attention, for people to say he’s in the rearview. So, his ego is challenged. But I think at the end of the day, he does not want to be beaten as badly as he would probably be beaten if he were to run. So, I think he’s going to go through all the motions and find an exit ramp if he can.”

“I also think that Democrats and independents are not deceived. DeSantis`s politics is not much better than Trump’s,” he added.

“Correct,” agreed Wallace.

Sharpton continued with the big lie that DeSantis is banning books when he is actually helping parents to get pornographic homosexual filth out of classrooms and school libraries.

“So even in all of our dislike of the personality of Trump, let’s not feel that DeSantis is an alternative. policy-wise or legislative-wise. This is the guy banning books and anti-critical race theory when there is none, and anti-LGBTQ. So, DeSantis…”

Wallace interjected, Anti-Disney, and masks, too,” a major matter of contention between the authoritarian left and their cherished political symbol face masks and the pro-freedom DeSantis.

“Anti-Disney,” Sharpton agreed. “So, let’s not act like DeSantis is an alternative. He’s just a younger, more savvy, polished version of an old man who doesn’t know that the people have left the theater. He’s still onstage singing and there’s nobody in the audience. Even the lady that sells the popcorn has gone home, Donald. There’s no one in the theater but you.”

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Chris Donaldson


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