Marvel actress calls parental rights law on gender issues an ‘overreach’ and ‘absurd’

Actress Tatiana Maslany was asked about her thoughts on a recently passed law protecting parental rights, and her answer angered critics.

The ‘She-Hulk’ actress was attending an event at the Canadian Walk of Fame when a reporter decided to ask her about the actions of the Saskatchewan provincial government, which had recently passed a law protecting parental rights over their school-age children.

“Recently, you know, the provincial government passed a parental bill of rights requiring teachers to get parental consent when students want to change their names and pronouns at school, what are your thoughts on that?” the reporter asked.

Naturally, the actress immediately trotted out leftist talking points.

“I believe that it’s outside of the- it should not be the control of the parents whether a child’s- how a child identifies, how a child knows themself to be, that isn’t a parent’s place,” she stuttered. “It’s an overreach. It’s an overreach on the part of the provincial government to legislate that. It’s absurd.”

“Children have rights, children are human beings who have knowledge and who know themselves and we should be taking cues from them,” she continued. “In so many ways we should be taking cues from them, listening to them, empowering them to know who they are and to name that. It’s their right. It’s not the parents’ right.”

Her take didn’t sit well with X users:

Sierra Marlee


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