‘She impeached me twice for nothing!’ Trump makes no apologies for calling Nancy Pelosi ‘an animal’ at fiery rally

Donald Trump was in Ohio on Monday looking to give Republican J.D. Vance a final push in his race for U.S. Senate, and the former president made it clear there’s no love lost between him and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump referred to the California Democrat as “an animal” while talking about the wide-open southern border under President Biden, declaring that “she impeached me twice for nothing!”

“I really think they want open borders to ravage our country, and every day these Democrat policies are getting innocent Americans killed in large numbers,” Trump said at the rally. “Earlier this year an MS-13 gang member was sentenced to helping lure a teenage boy to a playground, beating him in the head with a baseball bat and brutally stabbing him 32 times. This was an animal.”

“Nancy Pelosi said please don’t call them animals, they’re human beings,” he continued. “I said no, they are animals — of course, I think she’s an animal, too, if you want to know the truth. They’ll say, ‘Oh, what a horrible thing to say about Nancy…  she impeached me twice for nothing! Nothing!”

Pointing to the media on hand, whom he called “the fakers,” Trump said they will be quick to denounce him for calling Pelosi an animal.

“What she does to this country – and the turmoil – I used a word yesterday I shouldn’t [have]. My great first lady got very upset, I said I will never use the word bullsh-t again,” Trump said. “But what she did to us in this country, and yet we got more done as administration and a president and just about any president in the history of our country in four years.”

There was a fair share of social media users suggesting that the nation is getting tired of all the name-calling in politics, with more than one calling on Trump to “be classy.” At the same time, others noted that as Trump is reportedly on the eve of declaring his 2024 presidential run the gloves are off — then again, with Trump it’s arguable that he ever donned gloves in the first place.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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