Sheila Jackson Lee has full-blown meltdown when GOP Rep reveals where her American flag is stored

The left’s hatred of America is often seen in their open contempt for the flag and the national anthem, both of which have been redefined as symbols of white oppression by the “woke” cultural revolutionaries who seek to remake the nation into a place more to their liking, and the revulsion for the stars and stripes seems to extend deeply into the halls of Congress.

In what was interpreted by one lawmaker as a disgusting display of disrespect, Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee or members of her staff were outed for the apparent storing of the American flag along with another flag representing prisoners of war in a trash can as members were moving to new office spaces during the lame duck session of Congress.

GOP Rep. Brian Mast posted a video to Twitter of both flags inside of what appears to be a garbage receptacle with the incriminating notice that the items were to be moved to Jackson Lee’s new office.

“So this is a WTF moment, here in the House of Representatives, people moving offices and this is apparently where Representative Sheila Jackson Lee keeps her American flag, her POW flag, in the garbage can, in the trash,” the Florida Republican said in the short video. “What the hell is wrong with these people?”

Mast – a military veteran – added, “anytime you’d like a lesson on flag etiquette, let me know. It’s one of the first things we’re taught in basic training.”

The Texas Democrat shot back in a series of tweets seeking to impugn her colleague’s credibility by linking him to the so-called “insurrection” on January 6, 2021 and accusing him of misleading the American public.

“While I respect your military service and sacrifice to our nation, you do not have a pass to mislead the public. As a re-elected member of congress, you know that office moves are solely handled by the Architect of the Capitol (AOC). You know I had nothing to do with this,” she wrote, denying that she had any blame for the inappropriate storage method.

Lee then played the J6 card, “As you voted against certifying the 2020 election results *after* January 6th, it is not surprising that you would take to Twitter to parrot yet another big lie. Let’s talk about it,” she wrote with a video clip of the moves. “If the only information you had at the time was the view of a flag in a bin labeled ‘trash’, this was a mistake by the house movers that should have been kindly pointed out to them to be corrected.”

“Instead of you coming to me directly so that this could be resolved for all offices and all moves with the AOC, you chose to run to Twitter to lust for retweets like a child. You did not come to me because you and I both know that the AOC would have handled this immediately,” she added. “Instead of handling the matter with the appropriate authorities, you walked by this flag and did nothing.”

“While I spent the time on the floor defending the NDAA to provide support for our military personnel and their families, you carried on with your day only for you to type this fact-less tweet,” she wrote, seeking to impugn Rep. Mast’s patriotism.

“These bins have never been used for trash and they weren’t even from my office. These bins were used to prevent flags from falling down and touching the ground during transport,” Lee said, along with a response from the Architect of the Capitol denying that the bin that the flags were in was a trash receptacle.

“I will always respect your service, but none of that allows you to mistreat and distort the actions of myself as it relates to the the flag of the United States,” she added.

Mast, who lost both of his legs in service to his country in Afghanistan, is a decorated Army veteran, receiving the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, a Defense Meritorious Service Medal and an Army Commendation Medal with “V” for valor during his 12-year military career.


Chris Donaldson


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