Shocking video shows so-called anti-war activists in Chicago start cheering as Iran attacked Israel

A group of so-called antiwar activists in Chicago celebrated after they heard that Iran had launched a drone and missile attack on Israel in a shocking video that’s been posted to social media.

On Saturday, the world’s leading sponsor of terror unleashed over 300 kamikaze drones and missiles on the Jewish state in an apparent response to an airstrike that took out a top Iranian commander at its embassy in Damascus, Syria earlier this month which the Islamic regime vowed revenge for.

At a meeting attended by Windy City leftists including from the groups Anti War Chicago and March On DNC 2024, a man is seen at a podium delivering the news of Iran’s attack which was met with cheering from the crowd in a brazen display of the hatred for Israel that exists with the domestic political left.

“I wasn’t on the schedule to speak this afternoon but I just have to report something to everyone, and so it begins, so to speak. Twelve days ago, Israel brazenly hit an Iranian embassy compound in Syria, violating international law again, violating international law again and Iran has just responded about 30 minutes ago,” the man announced as cheers erupted.

“They’ve sent, and this is from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard directly, they’ve sent drones and missiles against specific targets in occupied Palestine, Israeli targets in occupied Palestine,” he continued

“In addition, there are reports of drones having been fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq as well,” he said, as cheers again broke out before he called on the activists to take action, proclaiming that “this country and the world needs us,” and telling the group that the U.S. will “defend the criminal Israeli state.”

“We have to assume the United States is going to retaliate against Iran,” the anti-Israel leftist added. “Our anti-war movement, all of the anti-war communities here and all of the Palestine support coalitions here, must be ready, immediately, to be out in the streets and to stop the U.S. from expanding this war on Iran.”

In another video posted to social media, leftists are heard chanting “Hands off Iran! Hands off Iran!”

One of the groups plans to give the Democrats a rude welcome when they hold their convention in Chicago this summer.

“We recognize the Democratic Party as a tool of billionaires and corporations,” March on the DNC 2024 states on its website. “Their actions, such as financing genocide in Palestine and war in multiple countries; continuing the mass incarceration of Black and brown people; deporting millions of immigrants; and neglecting campaign promises made to the oppressed communities who represent their voting base, show that the Democratic Party only serves the agenda of the rich and powerful. Recent gains in the rights of oppressed people have been made by grassroots organizations in spite of a lack of support and often outright opposition from Democratic Party leaders.”

Chris Donaldson


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