‘Should be locked up’: Raunchy new drag show is reportedly targeting BABIES

The Gays Against Groomers Twitter account shared some disturbing videos of men in drag dancing provocatively in front of an audience that included babies.

“The parents that take their children to events like this should lose custody of their children, and the companies and people that put them on should be locked up,” Gays Against Groomers said. “Absolutely revolting.”


Included in the thread were some screengrabs that indicate this performance is specifically aimed at young children.

“The company is Caba Baba Rave, and specifically puts these shows on for babies aged 0-2,” the Twitter account explained.

Another video shows a man in heels spinning around and posing on the floor while surrounded by playing babies.

Twitter users unleashed their fury:

Dominique Samuels, a media personality who has been revealing more information about these types of events, says the next event has already sold out completely.

Sierra Marlee


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