‘Sick f**k!’ Eco zealot gets treated like a ragdoll by security after accosting Sen. Manchin

A far-left global warming activist accosted Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) in an encounter before security intervened to spare him from what could have been a thrashing from the moderate Democrat.

Manchin, who has previously been targeted by climate cult brats, was attending a Harvard Kennedy School event on Friday when a foul-mouthed young man approached him and began to spew vulgarities.

(Video: Grabien)

“Joe Manchin! You sold our futures and you’ve gotten rich doing it. You sick f**k,” shouted the troublemaker as the senator stood up and advanced on him, appearing to be ready to teach him a lesson about manners before security dumped the climate brat on his keister as he was shoved out the door.

The Washington, D.C.-based group Climate Defiance took responsibility for the disruption, boasting about the heckling of Manchin on X.

“BREAKING: we just called Joe Manchin a sick f**k. We humiliated him in front of a herd of Harvard elites. He squared up. We held firm. Barbaric murderer, hideous fiend, he torches humanity and laughs,” the group said, sharing the edited video.

Manchin is then heard addressing what appeared to be other protesters, asking “Y’all want to sit down somewhere so we can talk?”

His reasonable offer was met with hostility as could be expected when one is dealing with ideological zealots.

“I’m not going to sit down! You’ve received more funding from fossil fuels than any other senator,” one climate brat said.

“You’ve made millions,” shouted another, adding, “You’ve made millions out of your position. You drive a Maserati,” before the group erupted in chants of “Support our futures, not your profits.”

X users ridiculed Climate Defiance for acting like they were the heroes.

“A Harvard University police officer ordered the protesters to leave the Kennedy School campus, and the protesters complied,” a Kennedy School spokesperson said of the incident, according to the Harvard Crimson.

The group also swarmed Manchin in a New Hampshire diner earlier this year, boasting about the harassment on social media.

“Direct action puts the state in a double-bind: allow the action (and the disruption) to continue or crack down, further driving up public support for the cause,” Climate Defiance states on its website.

Chris Donaldson


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