Single guy asks ‘entitled’ first date to split bill, sparks massive debate

A single man in Miami stirred up quite a debate after posting a video on TikTok — @TheWaterBoy —  of a woman complaining about splitting the diner bill while out on a first date.

The offended woman was clear in telling the man that because he asked her out, he should pick up the entire tab — suffice it to say, the date didn’t end on a promising note. The man, on the other hand, saw the experience as an example of the “entitlement” mentality prevalent with the modern woman.

Once they were back in the car, the woman said, “I can’t believe you made us split the bill.”

“I mean… You ordered an appetizer that I didn’t even touch. Why do you think that I should…?”

“Okay. But you asked me out,” she interjected.

“All right, I’ll just take you home,” he said — after dropping her off he had to work his date hard just to get a dismissing goodbye.

In sharing the video on TikTok, the man added in the caption: “THIS is what its like dating in MIAMI smh. I gotta move somewhere else, these girls are ENTITLED.”

@thewaterboyI dont even know her and she wanted to split the bill??? After SHE ordered an appetizer that i didnt want!! THIS is what its like dating in MIAMI smh. I gotta move somewhere else, these girls are ENTITLED.♬ original sound – Water Boy

“Women are only feminists until it comes to certain things that they don’t want to do,” the single guy said in an interview with Fox News. “Everybody’s a feminist until it’s time to split the bill.”

He dismissed the argument that because he asked the girl out that he should pay, “I personally don’t agree. And to me, it’s a form of entitlement.”

“It’s 2024. Women are very independent. [They often say], ‘I don’t need no man. I can take care of myself. I can do this, this, this.’ And so, OK, fine, fair. You don’t need no man. Whatever. So pay your half. Wouldn’t that make sense?” he said.

“Women now are not the same. They don’t want to clean. And now and on top of that they want support financially,” he observed. “So now that the man is taking care of all of these things, what exactly do you offer me besides being a pretty face, besides being, ‘Oh, she’s hot, she’s bad, she’s got a nice body. Whatever. What can you offer me? And so that’s basically where I’m at nowadays.”

In a follow-up video on TikTok, he stressed that he didn’t force her to go on a date and that she was out with him because she wanted to be.

@thewaterboy Replying to @Stephanie Jones4444 ♬ original sound – Water Boy

“I’ve seen a lot of women mad about paying the bill. You guys don’t understand. This is not back in the day where women are the prize anymore. You guys don’t understand that yet,” he said in the clip. “Meanwhile, in my opinion, the date went really well. We were laughing. It wasn’t awkward, it flowed naturally. Why was the date so heavily weighed on who pays at the end?”

Relationships between men and women have always been complicated, but with today’s feminism and gender insanity dating has got to be really difficult — perhaps by design. One thing is certain, the story made for some interesting comments.

Here’s a quick sampling, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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