Biden’s slobbering over George Floyd on Memorial Day weekend is a national disgrace

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On the weekend that Americans solemnly recognize the sacrifices of the nation’s fallen heroes, Joe Biden has a far more important figure on his mind.

The most divisive leader in the nation’s history wants Americans to be sure to honor the memory of deceased drug addict and lifelong thug George Floyd, a man whose entirely preventable death ushered in a new era of rampant crime along with state and corporate-sanctioned anti-white discrimination.

“He changed the world,” said Biden.

In a social media post, Biden credited Floyd for having not died in vain, but rather for inspiring a “civil rights movement” for perishing of natural causes while resisting arrest, NOT being murdered by railroaded ex-cop Derek Chauvin who was railroaded.

There is another word for the “civil rights movement” that erupted after the viral video of St. George’s last moments ignited a wave of violent rioting in Minneapolis and across the nation, and that word is carnage.

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“George Floyd should be alive today. His murder shook the conscience of our nation and reminded us that our country has never fully lived up to its highest ideal of fair and impartial justice for all under the law,” the president said in a statement posted to the White House website. Biden is probably correct that Floyd might be alive – had he simply obeyed the orders of the police instead of resisting arrest.

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“As we mark this solemn day tomorrow, we join George Floyd’s family in remembering his life and his legacy. We are vigilant of black and brown communities who all too often have borne the brunt of injustice, and we recommit ourselves to honoring George Floyd’s legacy by ensuring our Nation lives up to its founding ideal that we are all created equal and deserve to be treated equally throughout our lives,” Biden said, because there’s nothing that speaks living up to the “founding ideal” like bestowing high honors on a criminal who once held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly.

It wasn’t a “solemn day” at all, but a day when an open invitation to the lawlessness that plagues major American cities to this day. It may be “solemn” to an old-race baiter like Biden who palled around with segregationists, but it is a day that was a pox on the nation for the forces that were permitted to be unleashed.

The summer of 2020 was one of the most disgraceful periods in American history, when criminals were allowed to burn, loot and murder while the Democratic party, many Republicans, the media, corporations, sports leagues, and every institution in the land bent the knee.

Canonizing a creep and a criminal is a disgusting thing for a sitting US president to do any time, it’s all the more vile on Memorial Day weekend.

The sooner Barack Obama’s ventriloquist dummy has been sent packing by voters the better for America which is going to need some serious healing from the damage done by the racial arsonists.

Chris Donaldson


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