Smug school board tries to stop pastor from reading explicit book, stone cold CHILLS follow!

A North Carolina pastor has gone uber viral for exposing a school board in Asheville to the same pornographic material that students in the district have been exposed to.

Speaking before the board earlier this week, Pastor John K. Amanchukwu Sr. specifically introduced the board members to a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal.”


“I’ll read some of this for you. It says, after a bit, a person’s vagina becomes moist and slippery and the clitoris becomes hard. After a bit, the penis becomes erect stiff and larger. Sometimes a bit of clear fluid that may contain sperm comes out of the tip of the penis and makes it wet,” he began to loud protestations from the board members.

“I’m sorry — was it something I said!?” Amanchukwu then sarcastically asked, laying the smackdown on the “smug” board.

“If you don’t want to hear it in a school board meeting, why should children be able to check it out of the school system? We have perverts that are perverting our kids, and you all sit back smug in your chairs, but you don’t want me to read it. Why? Does it bother you — yes or no?” he said.

“You can’t answer that question. You wanna know why? Because politically speaking, you can’t say that it’s wrong, and you don’t want me to read the filth because it exposes the truth. How dare you tell me to stop reading it. If you don’t want to hear it, why should the children have to see it,” he added just in time.

“Pastor, your time is, the time is up,” one of the board members then said.

“That makes two of us,” Amanchukwu concluded.

Amanchukwu’s remarks have since gone mega-viral, attracting massive amounts of praise from a frustrated populace sick of their kids being exposed to this garbage:

Amanchukwu has also attracted the attention of Fox News. In fact, he appeared on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends First” this Thursday to talk more about the book.

“This book is for children 10 years of age and up. This book is not soft porn — it’s hardcore porn. It details explicitly with pornographic images homosexual sex, lesbian sex, straight sex. It promotes and glorifies masturbation while speaking against religion, which calls that behavior a sin,” he said on Fox News.

He also accused the book of perpetuating something he calls “mental rape.”

“This book is used as a tool to create what I call ‘mental rape’ in the hearts and the minds of children. We are robbing kids of their innocence in America as we allow diversity, inclusion, and equity to dominate our schools,” he said.

“And so many of our librarians are bringing this kind of material into the public school system because they believe that children need to see themselves on the shelf. I don’t believe that this is perfectly normal. I believe that this is perfectly perverted and it needs to stop,” he added.


At one point during the discussion, the pastor made a remarkable observation —  namely the fact that porn is allowed in modern schools, but the Bible isn’t.

“This book is welcomed in the public school system, but if a teacher were to begin to talk from this book — the Bible — everyone would be up in arms,” he said.


He continued by pointing out how this current system doesn’t appear to be working.

“Listen, we are in a bad place in America. America is spiraling downward, and it’s time to storm the cockpit as we talk about gender theory and queer theory and we turn these schools ‘woke,'” he said.

“Our children are underperforming, our students aren’t reading on grade level, they’re not doing math on grade level, our achievement rates are down. It’s time to get back to education and not indoctrination,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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