Social media piles on when Pence reveals he won’t be backing Trump: ‘He is a sanctimonious disgrace’

Chiming in about the 2024 presidential race, the former vice president’s endorsement stance prompted fiery blowback.

“He is a sanctimonious disgrace.”

(Video: Fox News)

Adding himself to the long line of politicians willing to break campaign promises to serve their own self interest, former Vice President Mike Pence took a definitive position when asked if he’d be endorsing former President Donald Trump.

Following a discussion on Israel, Fox News host Martha MacCallum turned to the race for the White House on Friday’s edition of “The Story” and noted, “We have not spoken since former President Trump sewed up the nomination, which he did earlier this week.”

“And he has received endorsements from some of the people who were running against him. But we have not heard from you,” she expressed. “Will you be endorsing your former president?”

While the question reminded many of the vice president’s comments during his failed bid for the presidency — “not my concern” — Pence gladly fielded the topic as he proceeded to break his own pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee.

“Well, Martha, I appreciate the question. And it should come as no surprise that I will not be endorsing Donald Trump this year,” he responded. “Look, I’m incredibly proud of the record of our administration. It was a conservative record that made America more prosperous, more secure and saw conservatives appointed to our courts in a more peaceful world.”

“But that being said, during my presidential campaign, I made it clear that there were profound differences between me and President Trump on a range of issues. And not just our difference on my constitutional duties that I exercised on January the 6th,” the politician continued with a reference to his procedural position on certifying the 2020 presidential election.

Before Pence would assert, “I would never vote for Joe Biden,” and deflect when confronted on who he’d actually be casting a ballot for in November, Trump’s former running mate moved to throw the GOP leader’s campaign under the bus.

“I mean, as I have watched his candidacy unfold, I’ve seen him walking away from our commitment to confronting the national debt,” contended the former VP. “I’ve seen him starting to shy away from a commitment to the sanctity of human life. And this last week his reversal on getting tough on China and supporting our administration’s effort to force a sale of ByteDance, TikTok-”

MacCallum interrupted Pence to see if he would expand on Trump’s opposition to a forced sale of TikTok or ban in the United States. He proceeded to say, “In each of these cases, Donald Trump is pursuing and articulating an agenda that is at odds with the conservative agenda that we governed on during our four years. That’s why I cannot in good conscience endorse Donald Trump in this campaign.”

Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 GOP presidential primary debates last year, Pence had said of the Republican National Committee’s loyalty pledge for participation, “I’ve always supported the Republican nominee for president in the United States. And I’ll support the Republican nominee in 2024, especially if it’s me.”

The Never Trump set appeared enamored of Pence’s posture against the former president while supporters offered unfiltered reactions, including commentator Monica Crowley who said, “He is a sanctimonious disgrace. All of these turncoats are despised. They will slink off into oblivion & be forgotten.”

Kevin Haggerty


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