‘Sorry about that’: Joy Behar forced to apologize after getting Justice Coney Barrett slam so very wrong

Joy Behar of “The View” apologized Tuesday for spreading misinformation, a day after she accused Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett of belonging to a religious “hate group” over her Catholic faith.

“I have to clarify something I said yesterday. I want to correct something. I said on air when I stated that People of Praise had been deemed a hate group, I just got them mixed up with another group. It was inaccurate,” Behar admitted. “So I don’t think that’s right that I should – I have to say, you know, sorry about that … Anyway. I conflated them.”

For what it’s worth, Behar did not reveal which group she supposedly “conflated” People of Praise with.

The flippant apology came after comments made on Monday’s show when Behar and her fellow co-hosts were discussing Justice Coney Barrett declining to recuse herself from an LGBTQ-related case. During the discussion, Behar made up her own facts out of thin air, claiming the Southern Poverty Law Center had deemed “People of Praise” a “hate group.”

Critics not only had a problem with Behar spreading misinformation but with the anti-Catholic sentiment that they felt was present during the previous day’s discussion.

“Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s religious faith is being called into question again. There are calls for her to recuse herself from a case which is about a web designer who wants to post a statement that she won’t design wedding websites for same-sex couples because it’s against her religious beliefs,” Behar explained of the case.

“Now here’s my question. Does, she is, you know, a religious person. She belongs to the People of Praise group which the — the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled them a hate group, and their founder has questioned the so-called separation of church and state,” she continued, reading from a piece of paper in front of her. “They believe that sex should occur only within marriage and, of course, between a man and a woman. They’ve got very specific things that they believe.”

Sierra Marlee


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