‘Squad’ member Jamaal Bowman in deep trouble, trailing rival by double digits

The Israel-Hamas war in Gaza isn’t only proving to be politically costly to President Joe Biden but also to members of “The Squad” with Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) looking like he’s in big trouble.

The volatile former middle-school principal who is best known for pulling a fire alarm to disrupt Congress during frantic efforts to keep the government open last year, is also notorious for his affiliation with the smack-talking cadre of anti-Semites, some of whom are facing serious primary challenges.

According to a new poll obtained by the New York Post, Bowman is trailing his opponent in the June 25 Democratic primary by double digits, lagging behind Westchester County Executive George Latimer, a pro-Israel candidate who is seeking to restore decency to politics by ousting the left-wing congressman.

Latimer holds a 17-point lead by 52 to 35 percent among Dem primary voters for the hotly contested 16th Congressional District seat in the poll conducted by Mark Mellman, a veteran Democrat pollster, for the group Democratic Majority for Israel which opposes Bowman.

When considering Democrats who’ve voted in three of the past four primaries, Bowman falls to 21 points behind with Latimer, who holds a 56 to 35 percent advantage.

With Democrats who know both candidates  – which the poll puts at 76 percent of the primary electorate – Latimer’s lead grows to 26 percent by 60 to 34 percent, not good numbers at all for Bowman who has suffered greatly from self-inflicted wounds and his inability to control his emotions.

Latimer, a 35-year veteran of New York politics has presented himself as a candidate “who will listen to every voice, not just those who agree with him, & who will deliver on the issues that matter” if voters send him to Washington, D.C.

The “Squad” member recently found himself at the center of another controversy of his own creation when a video emerged showing him claiming that reports rapes by Hamas savages after the October 7, 2023 attack on Israeli civilian areas were “propaganda” and lies.

“It’s profoundly disturbing and morally reprehensible that in the aftermath of Hamas’ savage invasion of Israeli communities and massacre of 1,200 people, the congressman chose to deny the rape and sexual violence perpetrated against Israeli women by Hamas terrorists,” Democratic Majority for Israel said in a statement.

“Part of a concerted effort to diminish the suffering endured by the victims of the barbaric assault on Israeli civilians — the deadliest day for Jewish people since the Holocaust — this denialism not only underscores Congressman Bowman’s enmity towards Israel but confirms a pattern of alarming decisions and poor judgment. From promulgating 9/11 conspiracy theories, to celebrating a convicted cop killer on his school’s ‘Wall of Honor,’ to this rape denial, his choices continue to raise serious doubts about his judgment,” the group said.

Chris Donaldson


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