St. Louis homicide detective outs Soros-backed DA’s ‘exclusion list,’ says ‘not worth it’ to be a cop

Roger Murphey, a former St. Louis homicide detective who was on the force for 26 years, accused George Soros-backed district attorney, Kimberly Gardner, of putting him on the notorious “exclusion list,” preventing him from being involved in certain criminal justice proceedings.

(Video Credit: KSDK News)

Murphey hung up his shield in 2021, two years after he found out he was put on the list. He told Fox News Digital in an interview that he felt like a sitting duck. Since he was on the blacklist, he would have to ask other officers to file his paperwork with Gardner’s office, including arrest and search warrants as well as grand jury subpoenas.

He claims that two social media posts on his personal Facebook page caused him to be put on the list. Murphey was critical of Gardner’s soft-on-crime approach.

“It got to the point where if you criticized our prosecutor here in the city of Saint Louis, she blackballed you,” the former detective asserted. “She’s got very thin skin. She’s very shallow person, in my opinion. And her whole thing was, we’re not going to incarcerate and not put anybody in jail. Well, that’s not what police departments are created for. We’re created to provide protection to the citizens.”

The former officer asserts that he left the police force for the sake of his own sanity. He advised young people to not join the department, telling them, “It’s not worth it.”

“I just basically sat there, couldn’t really do anything. So I just said, I’m sitting here collecting dust and just collecting a paycheck and not doing anything. So what good am I here for the citizens? So I said, ‘Well, I’m going to retire to turn my papers in,'” Murphey told Fox News Digital. He had originally planned on serving another four years until he was 62.

“It was just frustrating. No one goes into law enforcement to get rich. I mean, you’re just not going to. You go into it because you have a calling,” he remarked.

It’s unknown exactly how many officers are on Gardner’s “exclusion list” which was created in 2018. According to some, the number could be as high as 75. Others believe it is much, much higher. The DA won’t comment on it and officers who are on the list are prohibited from speaking out.

“You’re given a direct order not to discuss this. So that’s a fireable offense,” Murphey noted.

He contends officers are terrified to speak out due to retaliation. A stunning 819 officers have left the department surrounding Gardner’s tenure in office since 2017, according to the St. Louis Police Pension Board.

Gardner’s office apparently won’t prosecute cases brought forward by some officers on the “exclusion list” if they were considered essential witnesses and the case could not move forward without their testimony. A number of officers who are on the list are victims of shootings, according to KSDK. A local police union told the media outlet that it was concerned whether those excluded officers would be able to seek justice if they are prohibited from being essential witnesses in criminal cases.

“This was a political effort by her, had nothing to do with bias,” Murphey charged. “If it was true, if it was biased, then take me in front a judge, show proof that I’m biased – and she hasn’t done that. If I’m biased, why did you have to have a secret list, you know? Because I’m not biased. Why was an order given out not to talk about it? No transparency.”

“I’m here 26 and a half years. Open all my cases up. Bring it forward. Why are you not reopening these cases? And the simple answer is because she’s lying. And it was a political stunt because she wanted less policemen on the force, less arrests, and it made arrests go down,” he stated.

Fox News Digital conducted an investigation that found Gardner was actively putting in place policies that were meant to shrink the criminal justice system’s footprint in St. Louis. She was allegedly working in conjunction with the Soros-linked Vera Institute of Justice. In order to team up with Vera, a DA’s office must commit to reducing racial disparities by at least 20%.

Vera made recommendations and the DA office applied a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard for initial charges on cases instead of the standard prosecutors’ use of probable cause, reducing the number of cases that entered the system.

“So no matter what you did, you arrest somebody, and she wasn’t issuing charges… And it got to the point where everybody was shut down because they were like, why am I doing this?” Murphey railed.

“Then the system broke down, completely broke down. The police didn’t break it down. Kim Gardner broke it down,” he said, slamming the DA.

You really cannot be that incompetent unless it was a concerted effort to break the system down,” the former homicide detective posited.

“They actually got to the point where we had to start bringing in the criminal histories of our victim. They gave more weight to the victim’s criminal history. I’m like, ‘What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?’ This man is dead. Or at least the woman has been assaulted. Yes, okay, she’s had a criminal past, but… that has nothing to do with it. The fact is that this person is dead,” Murphey said, according to Fox News.

He went on to explain that under the leadership of Gardner, “We got to disregard this guy’s 15 prior felonies, and three prison sentences that he’s done, and he’s been released early. And we’re only going to judge him on this one little case.”

Vera prohibits the consideration of criminal histories if you partner with them because they allege it’s racist.

“[T]he criminal legal system has been a tool of racial oppression and social control… of black people… As some of the most powerful actors in the system, prosecutors have a responsibility to work to rectify that impact,” Vera charged in a statement. “Prosecutors should… repair harms caused by the system… They should also dramatically shift the policies, practices, and organizational culture of their offices to address racial disparities and ensure respect for the inherent dignity of all people.”

Murphey went on to state that letting criminals go encourages juveniles to shoot at police because they feel they will face far fewer consequences for doing so.

“The Vera Institute doesn’t have any requirement for public safety to protect the citizens like the prosecutors [are] supposed to. Who do you think she’s beholden to? The Vera project that is pushing this with all this money… she’s going to do what they tell her to do,” Murphey concluded.


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