Stormy Daniels GoFundMe campaign to ‘relocate her family somewhere safe’ closing in on $1M

A GoFundMe fundraiser set up for pornstar Stormy Daniels has nearly reached its goal of $1,000,000.

Set up by a friend of Daniels, the page paints a sob story of fear and uncertainty, even claiming the $600,000 she owes former President Donald Trump is a “coded action in an attempt to make her family lose their house and face homelessness or worse.”

“Many of you only know Stormy Daniels through the headlines; you’ve heard her described as a porn star, witness, victim, and villain. But as her friends, we would like to introduce you to the Stormy we know,” the fundraiser description reads. “Unlike much of the rest of the world, the descriptions we use to tell others about Stormy are mother, protector, advocate, equestrian, author, filmmaker, and friend. We often put “mother” first, not because that’s all she is, but because that particular job motivates everything else she does. As our friend, Stormy has fought an epic tale of David vs. Goliath, and we are the ones she has called, texted, and sought advice from. We have had front-row seats to the parts of this story that don’t fit neatly into click-bait headlines. You have gotten ‘Key witness in Trump case: a porn star,’ whereas those of us who really know her have seen the longer-running realities, like Stormy Daniels not knowing whether or not her family will have a home come August and calling us at midnight, tears in her eyes, trying to navigate a truly unprecedented situation. We have also watched in horror as the justice system has continually failed our friend.”

“Recently, Stormy was sent discovery documents to aid in collection of the attorney fee judgment. It is standard practice to request a list of assets, accounts, property, etc. HOWEVER, the forms Stormy was given also required that she provide her minor child’s personal information including legal name, father’s address and more,” it continued.” This information is not only a violation of a child’s privacy but has the potential of becoming very real and immediate danger. In response to her own doxing and fearing for her daughter’s safety, Stormy declined to provide those details unless a confidentiality agreement was granted. The court denied her request and a motion to compel hearing scheduled. No mother should be forced to choose between protecting her innocent child and being held in contempt of court.”

Basically, Daniels needs money to move.

“Stormy needs help to relocate her family to somewhere they can feel safe and live life on their terms. She needs assistance to be able to continue to pay the mounting court fees so that Trump doesn’t just win because his pocketbook seems endless. To date, Stormy has had to foot the bill for all of this, and it has depleted her resources and savings. There is currently a $600,000 judgment against Stormy for Trump’s legal fees from a case that was dismissed. This is a coded action in an attempt to make her family lose their house and face homelessness or worse. It’s paramount that we prevent this from happening!” the description explains. “Each dollar we raise will be a validation that we also care about Stormy and are willing to continue this fight. Trump may have a mega fundraising operation to keep him from facing consequences, but that shouldn’t mean that Stormy becomes the sacrificial lamb of a corrupt system. Despite all of these setbacks, Stormy has continued in this fight because she firmly believes in this country, its possibilities, and what we can accomplish together as a nation if we hold firm to the principles of democracy which are the bedrock of our Republic.”

At the time of publishing, the fundraiser had managed to obtain $990,250 of its $1,000,000 goal.

X users weighed in on the situation:

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