‘Joe Biden is our guy’: Fetterman remains loyal, tells Dems to ‘grow a set’

President Joe Biden may be under siege by elements of his own party who want him gone but he can always count on having fellow Pennsylvanian Senator John Fetterman in his foxhole.

Biden’s shockingly bad performance in the CNN debate with presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump so spooked many Democrats and members of the media that they are demanding that he step down, presumably turning the party over to his loopy veep Kamala Harris.

An interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos that was seen as an opportunity for Biden to right the ship with four months until the election, failed to put down the internal rebellion but the geriatric career politician still has his ardent defenders, including Fetterman.

“Democrats need to get a spine or grow a set—one or the other,” the senator said in a post to X. “Joe Biden is our guy.”

While the hoodie-clad slob has made great strides in his recovery from a debilitating stroke and after being hospitalized for depression — especially defying his party’s virulently anti-Semitic base on Israel — he has a doglike loyalty to Biden that is unshakable.

“I’m unwilling to discard a great president, a decent man and a loving father after 50 years in public service, over a 90 minute debate,” he said on Friday before the ABC interview aired. “Responding with disorder, panic and disloyalty is not meeting this moment.”

Not even a friend like the softball-lobbing Stephanopoulos can save Biden who came across as a delusional old man and an egomaniac, defiantly refusing calls to drop out and saying only God could make him do so. Biden also claimed that he is “running the world” in the 22-minute interview that aired on Friday night.

The interview has only intensified calls for Biden to call it a career with congressional Democrats terrified that they could be dragged down by their deeply unpopular feeble leader.

“I refuse to join the Democratic vultures on Biden’s shoulder after the debate,” Fetterman said in a post to X following Biden’s nationally televised implosion. “No one knows more than me that a rough debate is not the sum total of the person and their record.”

He seemed to be referring to his October 2022 debate with GOP challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz in which the TV doctor sliced and diced the mentally misfiring galoot with surgical precision. Fetterman would go on to win the election despite his serious deficiencies at the time.

The devout Biden ally also rejected the New York Times Editorial Board’s plea for Biden to call it quits with a short and sweet “f**k that.”

Chris Donaldson


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