Stormy Daniels says she was afraid Trump would have her killed: ‘He isn’t a Clinton, be real’

Stormy Daniel’s latest claim about former President Donald Trump brought to mind a different executive as reactions suggested, “He isn’t a Clinton, be real.”

(Video: Peacock)

Timed to precede the Manhattan trial where the president had been indicted related to payments made to the adult film star, Daniels was featured in a new documentary streaming on Peacock titled, “Stormy.”

In one clip from the feature-length film, the pornographer’s comments were overlapped with the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape that came out ahead of the 2016 election as she claimed the reason she took an alleged hush money payment was because she was “f*cking terrified” that her life was at risk.

“My friend was like, you might actually have a problem. I don’t want to scare you, but based on the things you’ve told me, now you’re the whole Republican Party’s problem and they like to make their problems go away,” she said.

The clip of Trump aboard a bus in 2005 with Billy Bush saying “Grab ’em by the p****” was played before Daniels expressed, “I was very relieved when Gina started reaching out and offering me the chance to keep it quiet. I was f*cking terrified!”

“I mean, people have been suspiciously killed for political reasons,” she continued. “It was really about two things: trying to keep the story from coming out so that it would not hurt my husband and my daughter, and I wouldn’t lose my life; and that there would be a paper trail and money trial linking me to Donald Trump so that he could not have me killed.”

“All I had to do was sign this piece of paper and collect $130,000,” she added.

While the president’s detractors appeared willing to accept any claim made against him, others remained wholly skeptical and invoked the reputation of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for being connected to a considerable number of people who died under mysterious circumstances.

Though the Manhattan trial had been slated to begin March 25, on Friday a New York judge had delayed the start for at least 30 days from the order after over 100,000 pages of records had been disclosed, the New York Times reported.

Instead, presiding judge Juan M. Merchan was expected to hold a hearing Monday in consideration of a motion from Trump’s legal team to either delay the trial further or dismiss the case outright.

“There are significant questions of fact which the court must resolve,” Merchan wrote and said he would “set the new trial date, if necessary” as he instructed the prosecution and defense to provide a “detailed timeline of the events” related to the disclosure of the additional records.

Daniels, who had been ordered to pay Trump a sum that had grown to over $600,000 in interest in legal fees after the 2018 defamation lawsuit had been dismissed, had previously lamented that her claims against the president had yielded no legal consequences for the GOP leader.

“I spoke my truth, but it was just for nothing,” she had told “Good Morning Britain” last year. “I just feel like if people don’t want to face facts and see the truth…then you know what, I’d rather have had the time back with my family.”

“I almost feel like humans aren’t really worth saving at this point,” she’d added.

Kevin Haggerty


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