WH spox coy about op-ed calling for Sotomayor to retire

In another sign of jitters that Joe Biden could lose his reelection bid against resilient former President Donald J. Trump, some are calling for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to retire and allow a younger leftist to replace her on the bench.

With months of polling showing that the geriatric incumbent is in big trouble and his angry State of the Union rant doing little to rejuvenate his dismal ratings, the focus could now turn to ensuring that Trump won’t have a chance to put another of his conservative picks on the nation’s highest court.

In responding to a reporter’s question about an op-ed published by The Atlantic, the gospel for the Acela Corridor elite, calling for the “wise Latina” to retire, White House spox Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t exactly give the 69-year-old Barack Obama appointee a ringing endorsement.

“In a — in a new book, former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer expresses his concern about the direction of the Supreme Court. A new article in The Atlantic also calls for Justice Sonia Sotomayor to retire. Where does the White House stand, kind of, in a post-Dobbs world on Supreme Court reform? And has the White House considered asking Justice Sotomayor to retire?

“Look, that’s a personal decision for her to make. That is something that — (laughs) — that she has to make. It’s not something that we make — we — we lean in on or get involved in. So, I’m not even going to address that — that question,” Biden’s top spox said, according to a White House transcript of her comments while onboard Air Force One on Tuesday.

Breyer was of course the last SCOTUS justice to retire, having been pressured into doing so, to allow Biden to pick a more youthful replacement who will be around for several decades.

Writing for the outlet in a piece featuring an image where Sotomayor is airbrushed out of the picture in a nicely Soviet touch, Josh Barro notes the unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away at 79 years old in 2016.

“Justice Sonia Sotomayor will turn 70 in June. If she retires this year, President Joe Biden will nominate a young and reliably liberal judge to replace her. Republicans do not control the Senate floor and cannot force the seat to be held open like they did when Scalia died,” Barro writes.

“Confirmation of the new justice will be a slam dunk, and liberals will have successfully shored up one of their seats on the Court—playing the kind of defense that is smart and prudent when your only hope of controlling the Court again relies on both the timing of the death or retirement of conservative judges and not losing your grip on the three seats you already hold,” the author added.

He may have used Scalia as an example but what really haunts leftists is the stubbornness of former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg aka “Notorious R.B.G” whose didn’t heed calls for her to retire when a Democrat controlled the White House despite mounting health problems. She died in 2020, costing the party a seat that Trump was able to fill.

Of course what leftists really want is for Biden to get another diversity pick like Ketanji Brown Jackson who was tabbed for the important spot as one of the nine top judges in America not because of merit, but because of her skin color and a pledge by Biden to pick a black woman as payback to Democrat South Carolina kingfish Rep. James Clyburn who he largely owed his 2020 election success to.

A testament to the lowered standards in America, Jackson couldn’t even define the obvious difference between a man and a woman and that was before her absolute jewel of a performance during arguments in the most consequential internet free speech in the nation’s history on Monday in which she expressed concern that the pesky First Amendment could be “hamstringing” the ability of the government to control information.

Justice Jackson was ripped to shreds over her clueless remarks but it’s the new normal under Biden’s administration which is increasingly coming to represent the dystopian future depicted in the 2006 cult classic “Idiocracy” a movie depicting a dumbed-down America that is looking more like prophecy than satire these days.

“Democrats are unlikely to find a way to replace Biden with a younger candidate who enhances their odds of winning the election. The Sotomayor situation is different. Her age problem can be dealt with very simply by her retiring and the president picking a candidate to replace her who is young and broadly acceptable (maybe even exciting) to Democratic Party insiders,” the author wrote in his op-ed.

“It seems like that – it would be the right time strategically for her to step down in favor of somebody younger if she’s very concerned about the political balance on the court,” Barro said during a Tuesday appearance on CNN.

Chris Donaldson


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