Students protect the U.S. flag from Hamas-supporters in stirring viral video

Pro-Hamas protesters have been taking down the U.S. flag and replacing it with their own in a crystal clear message that the campus intifada is just as much a revolt against America as it is about Israel’s war in Gaza.

A stirring image of patriotic students at UNC-Chapel Hill was caught on video as they protected the American flag from the terrorist-supporting miscreants who sought to take it down and replace it with a Palestinian one.

The video of the students protecting the flag from the rabid mob of haters and holding it up to prevent it from touching the ground as they were shouted down and pelted with debris was posted on social where it has gone viral.

“They took down the U.S. flag,” said Trevor Lan, a Jewish student. “For those of you who didn’t care about Israel and didn’t care about the Jewish people, look at it now. This is what this evolves into.”

The video drew a strong reaction from users on X, formerly Twitter, with many commenting on the sad state of affairs in Joe Biden’s America, a land where the haters now reign supreme.

UNC Interim Chancellor Lee Roberts scolded the protesters over their disrespect amid shrieks of rage.

In another stirring video, members of the NYPD restored Old Glory to its rightful place after removing the terrorist flag from the pole at the City College of New York.

Thanks to the spreading of critical race theory and the false belief held by many young people that the USA is a white supremacist entity that was founded upon the principle of slavery, many have been brainwashed into hating their own country, and by saying nothing, Biden is tacitly encouraging it.

Chris Donaldson


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