Students take protests a step further with clueless conversions to Islam

Some activist students who have glommed onto the Palestinian cause as the next big thing have taken it a step further with their apparent conversion to Islam.

Just as naive young people were quick to adopt the virulently anti-white racist agenda of the militant Black Lives Matter movement during the George Floyd “Summer of Love” four years ago, they are now protesting against Israel’s war on the Hamas terror organization in Gaza and embracing the so-called religion of peace.

Further showing how much the quality of higher education in America has fallen off a cliff, images and videos of cosplaying students embracing Islam itself have been posted to social media.

Among the videos drawing mockery for the clueless embrace of a religion that isn’t exactly tolerant of Western liberal ideals like feminism and homosexuality is one of a mass conversion at UCLA where hundreds of students hit their knees for Allah during the traditional Muslim call to prayer.

Among the other images shared are those of keffiyeh-clad females expressing solidarity to their Muslim sisters who they don’t seem to have a clue are treated worse than dogs in countries that practice strict adherence to Islamic dogma.

Another video shows a group of young women wearing the checkered scarves that are terrorist chic as they resist police during a breakup of the protests at New York City’s Columbia University.

X users reacted to the students’ peculiar embrace of a religion that is the complete opposite of the freedoms that they currently enjoy in America.

Not many are likely to get the true experience that they would if they practiced what they preached and actually moved to an Islamic country, and many will chuck their keffiyehs in the garbage when it’s no longer trendy to protest the situation in Gaza.

Chris Donaldson


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