Tarlov flips out when co-host points out Dem indictment hypocrisy: ‘This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton!’

Fox News co-hosts Jeanine Pirro and Jessica Tarlov butted heads over the 37-charge indictment of former President Donald Trump over the alleged mishandling of classified documents, despite both Hillary Clinton and President Joe Biden remaining unscathed for what many see as exactly the same “crimes.”

“I am so livid right now,” Pirro said of the indictment on Friday’s edition of “The Five.”

(Video: Fox News)

“I am furious,” she continued. “I have spent over three decades in a system that I believe in. I’m a believer. But today, I am no longer a believer. What you’ve got is a weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of FBI and CIA.”

From the moment “he came down that escalator,” Pirro argued, the left has been trying “to get” Donald Trump, and they’ve lied and “violated” his constitutional rights to do it.

“Now what you’ve got is a loser prosecutor, Jack Smith, who’s been slapped down by the United States Supreme Court in one of his prosecutions,” Pirro fumed. “If I were a lawyer I would give up my law license. I’d be so embarrassed, hiding under a rock.”

She noted that Trump altered “zero” documents, “But who destroyed 33,0oo documents that she lied about over and over again? Hillary Clinton. She destroyed them. That was tampering with evidence. That was obstruction of justice. And did the DOJ, the FBI care? They didn’t give a damn.”

“Now they care,” she stated. “What are they so afraid of? Let him run for office and if he loses, then that’s the end of it. I hate a country that is akin to a third-world country. This is a Banana Republic when you indict one guy running for president, and the guy who’s doing it is some old geezer.”

“Every American should be ashamed of what happened today,” Pirro said.

Tarlov had a very different take.

“I was struck by a lot of what the judge just said, mostly the fact that she didn’t address the documents that were panning across the screen, that there were documents found in the bathroom, in the shower, in the ballroom, in his bedroom, in his office, that there were documents pertaining to our nuclear programs, pertaining to our weaknesses and our allies’ weaknesses,” she replied. “What makes us vulnerable. Clearly, a national security risk.”

“What has been proven time and time again when it comes to this particular case is that Donald Trump and all the supporters have been lying to us about what happened,” she said. “So first he went with everything was declassified because he’s magic and he could look at things and they become declassified. Now he’s on tape admitting the fact that he’s showing people — Mark Meadows, his team, when he’s trying to do the book — a document that was still classified, and that he knows that he doesn’t have the power to declassify it anymore because he’s no longer president. He said they were properly secured. I don’t think a toilet is a SCIF. Maybe I’m wrong.”

“Better than a Corvette,” co-host Jesse Watters quipped.

“There you go, misdirection, misdirection,” Tarlov replied.

“That’s not misdirection,” Pirro insisted. “That’s the whole point.”

“No, it’s not because in the B block, we’ll talk about Ukraine, and then I can hear about Viktor Shokin all over again,” Tarlov shot back. “He also said that he complied with everything we know he flouted subpoenas, and now we know that he asked his lawyers to get rid of things. It seems and yes, I’m not a lawyer, but I’m decently smart. I know some viewers don’t necessarily think that, but I’m telling you and a few of my teachers would agree that this seems like a pretty clear case of obstruction.”

“And Jonathan Turley has been on our air all day talking about this and saying that these charges are the darlings of what they’re looking for, because they are easy to prove, especially when you have pictures of that,” she added.

“So if Hillary actually does get rid of things…?” Watters asked.

“Here we go,” Tarlov snapped. “This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton!”

“It has everything to do with it,” Pirro stated.

“No, it doesn’t!” Tarlov exclaimed. “If you want to argue and you want to talk about again the difference between ‘gross negligence’ and ‘extremely careless,’ a lot of people will have that conversation. But today, you are looking at boxes of classified documents strewn across a public place, also that were transported to another location, even to the point who, whoever the family member who texts, ‘I won’t be able to fit all the boxes on the plane. Whatever, shall we do?'”

Watters pivoted to co-host Katie Pavlich for her reaction.

“Ok Katie. But as the judge did say, these are presidential personal records, which he has the sole authority to make personal,” Watters said. “Just as the Bill Clinton sock drawer case proved and just as an Obama judge ratified, that is the law. It’s a civil situation. It’s not criminal. So this is all nothing.”

Pavlich was quick to point out “why it does matter.”

“And it is not just deflection to talk about Hillary Clinton and to talk about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, and the fact that classified documents that were taken by Joe Biden when he was a senator ended up in his garage where Hunter Biden, who has a lengthy, shady record of engaging with people like, I don’t know, hookers, who are all over his laptop, shady foreign figures, Chinese spies,” she stated.

“Clinton had a digital box of an unclassified — or an unsecured server with classified information on it as Secretary of State after she left that office in her bathroom,” Pavlich noted. “So if you want to talk about how this is all bad, sure, should not mishandle classified information, but the double standard of justice in this country is becoming a serious problem — not for Donald Trump alone, but for everyday Americans who are looking at their federal government and going, ‘It’s being weaponized against people who disagree with the left.'”


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