Tarlov kills the mood on ‘The Five’ with warning about positive Trump polling

Jessica Tarlov, the cohost of Fox News’ The Five, played up to her role as the liberal at the table on Monday by throwing cold water on the optimism expressed over how well Donald Trump is currently polling.

Cohost Jeanine Pirro set up the discussion by saying President Joe Biden is “getting crushed by an avalanche of terrible, no good polling.”

“Brand new surveys showing President Biden trailing former President Trump, including a Fox News poll that has President Biden down by two points nationally,” she said. “And The New York Times has Trump leading Biden 48 to 43%. The Times is also pointing out how a majority of Biden’s 2020 voters simply say he’s too old to be effective. And here’s the kicker: the president is winning only 83% of his 2020 voters with 10% of them going to Trump.”

Tarlov questioned the polling results showing Trump doing better with women and black voters.

“I know that Donald Trump released gold sneakers. He’s been indicted, so he thinks Black people like him more now, but do you really think he’s going to get 20% plus of the Black vote?” she said.

Noting that this “clearly upends electoral history,” Tarlov further questioned Trump’s support among Hispanic voters and the Gen Z vote.

“Something is a bit funky. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem — if the election were held today, Donald Trump could very well win,” she said.

When co-host Greg Gutfeld expressed distrust over the polls later in the segment, saying there “should be a Trump blowout, given all of these numbers,” co-host Jesse Watters stepped in to reassure his colleague.

“Well, I think you should trust it because Republicans are always so beaten down and demoralized into thinking that you’re a minority in this country, and you see a poll like this with these demographics that Jessica just laid out — women, Hispanics, blacks — people agree with the policies that Donald Trump pushes,” Watters insisted. “And that should make all Republicans and all Americans happy because they were successful.”

With her bucket of ice water at the ready, Tarlov quickly interjected, “Remember the midterms? You nearly cried.”

Tom Tillison


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