Tarlov swears Fauci is not a partisan, attempts to deflect blame to Trump; Gutfeld takes her down

The Five’s leftist co-host Jessica Tarlov clapped back in defense of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday when her colleagues accused him of being a “partisan hack,” while she took a swing at co-host Greg Gutfeld for asserting that former President Trump was the most “transparent politician” he had ever seen.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Jeanine Pirro picked up the ball after Gutfeld’s comment and asked Tarlov why Democrats are so heatedly defending Fauci.

“Jessica, the question that I have of you, it was Fauci’s agency and the NIH that gave $5 million in new grants for the same Wuhan-linked group, EcoHealth Alliance, despite US intelligence assessing a lab release was, that was one of only two explanations. And yet everybody on the left is defending him,” Pirro asked Tarlov, immediately putting her in the hot seat.

“Well, I think there’s a difference between defending Anthony Fauci and saying that we should understand where a disease that killed millions of people across the globe and over a million Americans came from,” she responded, attempting to deflect blame from Fauci.

Tarlov went on to claim that she has questioned the virus’ origins from the beginning and that most liberals believe it originated in a lab. Many would contend that was not their stance at all for a prolonged length of time when the pandemic broke out.

“I’ve been consistent on that. I want to know exactly what happened. There were a number of stories, starting with a pangolin, whatever that is, in a wet market and ending up now where most people who I talked to and they’re generally of the liberal persuasion, think that it came from a lab and they would like to know what happened there,” she put forth.

“So that feels like a real piece of bipartisan agreement that we can go to. And there are other Western democracies, I believe, the majority of them, that also fund gain of function research. We’re not going to be the only ones that were linked with funneling money into this lab,” she said, appearing to attempt to provide cover for Fauci’s actions.

Pirro dug in and further queried Tarlov on the left’s protectionism of Fauci.

“So then, why is the press secretary not allowing the question to be asked of him?” Pirro asked her in reference to a combative moment during a White House press conference during Fauci’s farewell where press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre silenced a reporter.

The question looked like it caught Tarlov off-guard who asserted it was “above her pay grade.” Then she insisted if it had been her she would have answered the question.

“So what am I supposed to say? I would answer the question if I was the press secretary, I would answer the question or I would say to my boss, I have to answer this question,” Tarlov shot back.

Then she went on to defend COVID government mandates regarding masks and vaccines.

“You did admit that it was other Trump, other officials of the administration, Jerome Adams who was the surgeon general, who has since apologized for it. I think that they didn’t know what to do when resources were so scarce. And obviously, doctors and nurses and the people who were working in the hospitals, first responders, were the ones who needed those masks more than those of us who could stay at home,” Tarlov replied, referencing rationing masks early in the pandemic.

“You don’t get to choose who gets the mask, every life matters… Everyone deserves the mask,” co-host Lawrence Jones commented.

“Doctors working in the E.R. deserved masks more than me. Period. End of story. Can I just comment on a couple of things Dagen said? Anthony Fauci is this blatant partisan. He has served in multiple Democratic and Republican administrations. He is not a partisan hack,” Tarlov defensively asserted.

“He is now,” Dagen McDowell snarked.

“Stop. Stop. To the point about Trump being the most transparent about this. Carl Bernstein [Bob Woodward] has him on tape admitting that he knew that the disease was airborne, even though he came out and told Americans that it wasn’t,” Tarlov disingenuously claimed.

“Do you remember when Fauci said AIDS was airborne and it wasn’t? Good times,” Gutfeld quipped at the end of the segment.

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