Walmart mass shooter had a ‘kill list,’ news outlet finds in his trash, says FBI missed it

Andre Bing, the Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart supervisor accused of gunning down six of his fellow employees, reportedly had a “kill list” that featured 18 circled names, including that of Tyneka Johnson, 22, whom he ultimately shot dead on Tuesday.

The list, “along with screenshots of surveillance footage dating back to October,” was discarded outside Bing’s home and discovered by a Daily Mail reporter.

In the screenshot, a person clad in black can be seen entering the Walmart just before midnight, and details of employees’ shifts, assigned departments, and scheduled breaks were on the list.

The names of his other five fatalities — Brian Pendleton, Randall Blevins, Lorenzo Gamble, Kellie Pyle, and an unidentified 16-year-old boy — were not on the list, however, two of the four people who were shot and survived — Jalon Jones and Jessica Wilczewski — were named and circled.


“On Wednesday, the FBI confiscated a manifesto from the $300,000 three-bedroom property — however, they appeared to have missed the evidence hiding in plain sight,” the Daily Mail reports. “Police also revealed that Bing had a manifesto on his phone in which he revealed how he was upset about a change in his employment status.”

The manifesto has not yet been released to the public, but in it, Bing, who later turned his gun on himself, reportedly claimed his Walmart colleagues were harassing him.

In addition to the discarded evidence, the Daily Mail has obtained photos of the inside of Bing’s home, revealing it to be a chaotic mess of “boxes lining the walls, and kitchen appliances still in boxes littering the kitchen.”

“Sony speaker systems and other large boxes were piled up next to the sofa, with clutter surrounding the entire property,” the outlet explains. Dying plants, piled-up bricks, and Amazon boxes littered the property.

The FBI raided Bing’s home just hours after the shooting. Officials gathered bottles of water, documents, and items of clothing.

A neighbor of Bing said she was “shocked” when she learned what he had allegedly done.

“I am shocked, especially when I saw the amount of people that were dead,” she said. “I was even more shocked when I found out it was him.”

The neighbor had witnessed Bing leaving for his normal shift the evening of the killing.

“I only realized when I saw the FBI here this morning,” she said. “My daughter saw them get here last night with the battering ram but I didn’t hear anything.”

According to her, Bing was the stereotypical loner.

“He kept himself to himself, he was always alone. No one else lived in that house,” she said, noting that there was another man there “a few months ago but that was it.”

“It’s only been him,” she stated. “I would see him mowing his lawn and things but he would never talk. He was odd.”

“I tried to talk to him but he just wasn’t interested at all,” she continued. “I saw him last night as he left for work, I know he worked at Walmart. I’m so glad that I didn’t speak to him.”

“He seemed as he normally did, just got in his car and drove off. Nothing seemed different,” she recalled. “Whole time he was here I never saw him with a gun or anything at all. It’s shocking. It’s a nice quiet area.”


Melissa Fine


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