Taylor Swift course now offered at Harvard, other universities: Can’t wait to pay for these student loans

There’s no denying that Taylor Swift dominates pop culture, but the fact that her politics align with the left, which has a stranglehold on pop culture, helps explain why colleges and universities all across the nation are featuring classes on the singer — hell, even Harvard is offering a class dedicated to Swift.

And we wonder how an entire generation can be so uninformed. But make no mistake, the driving force is Taylor Swift’s politics, with the Trump-hating singer proving to be a great platform to further advance the prescribed left-wing narrative.

“We will learn how to study fan culture, celebrity culture, adolescence, adulthood and appropriation; how to think about white texts, Southern texts, transatlantic texts, and queer subtexts. We will learn how to think about illicit affairs, and hoaxes, champagne problems and incomplete closure,” reads the Harvard class listing.

The University of Tennessee class listing says: “In our semester-long study of Taylor Swift, we will explore fan culture, celebrity culture, girlhood, music industry ethics, marketing and promotional strategies, and social media theory, along with race, sexuality, and feminism.”

Swift did not endorse a presidential candidate in 2016 and took a lot of heat for it. After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the left-leaning Guardian said of the disdain for his presidency, “But a notable voice has been missing from the chorus: that of Taylor Swift, the world’s biggest pop star. Her silence is striking, highlighting the parallels between the singer and the president: their adept use of social media to foster a diehard support base; their solipsism; their laser focus on the bottom line; their support among the ‘alt-right.’”

Prior to the election, NPR leaned hard on Swift to elicit the proper response: “So, this is happening: Some white supremacists have anointed Taylor Swift an ‘Aryan goddess,’ claiming that she secretly espouses far-right beliefs and is waiting for Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency to make her true views known.”

Suffice it to say, Taylor Swift did not make the same mistake in 2020, as the pop diva was quick to get behind Joe Biden. And now she is held up before the nation for unchecked adulation, including being the subject of study at university.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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