Team Biden email guides supporters how to talk ‘bedwetting brigade’ off the ledge over debate debacle

Team Biden is frantically trying to mitigate the damage from the president’s epic implosion at CNN’s debate that has led to calls for him to step down as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

In a rushed and poorly thought-out weekend reaction, the Biden-Harris campaign sent out a blast email instructing supporters on how to gaslight friends and relatives who they called the “bedwetting brigade” over Joe Biden’s star performance as a mentally shot dementia patient in front of a national television audience.

“If you’re like me, you’re getting lots of texts or calls from folks about the state of the race after Thursday,” the email reads. “Maybe it was your panicked aunt, your MAGA uncle, or some self-important podcasters. It’s a tough position to be in, so I thought it might be helpful to send you a few responses.”

Sugarcoating Biden’s disastrous showing by spinning it as “the debate started rough,” the email reverts to the tiresome Trump hoaxes instead of addressing serious concerns that the octogenarian is mentally unfit for a second term in office, stating that what voters really saw was “what a threat Donald Trump is to the country.”

The talking point that’s getting the most attention is the one that refers to the “bedwetting brigade” that is calling for Biden to “drop out” of the race, insisting “That is the best possible way for Donald Trump to win and us to lose.”

Team Biden’s email also says that every other Democrat would lose to Trump to make the case for sticking with the rapidly declining incumbent.

While the campaign is understandably desperate to stop the bleeding, some X users have pointed out that insulting the very people who Biden needs to stay on board the “bedwetting brigade” could be counterproductive.

“Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee, period. End of story. Voters voted. He won overwhelmingly,” the email reads. “And if he were to drop out it would lead to chaos, internal foodfighting, and a bunch of candidates who limp into a brutal floor fight at the convention, all while Donald Trump has time to speak to American voters uncontested.”

“All of that would be in service of a nominee who would go into a general election in the weakest possible position with zero dollars in their bank account. You want a highway to losing? It’s that,” the Biden campaign stated.

Chris Donaldson


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