Teamsters give mega donation to RNC after Trump meeting in blow to ‘Union Joe’

Former President Donald J. Trump could be cutting into another core Democratic Party constituency as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ PAC has reportedly made a big donation to the RNC.

The powerful union gave $45,000 to the party, according to federal election records reviewed by Fox News Digital, with the donation earmarked for January 25, after Trump privately met with Teamsters boss Sean O’Brien and days before he would meet with him again.

It was the first time that the union has given money to a Republican in two decades, and while it fell short of endorsing the all but certain 2024 GOP nominee, it’s a sign that blue-collar workers are becoming increasingly anxious over the Biden administration’s EV fanaticism as well as the flood of low-cost labor into the country through the porous southern border.

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The news of the donation isn’t good news for President Joe Biden whose five decades-long career as a swamp-dwelling D.C. insider has been backstopped by his fervent union support. He has been nicknamed “Union Joe” and “Lunchbucket Joe” for his presenting himself as a champion of the working man and it’s always worked, but times may be changing.

An RNC official told Fox News Digital that they have yet to receive the money.

In an email to the outlet, Kara Deniz, a spokesperson for the Teamsters, said that the money was approved in December before the GOP frontrunner met with O’Brien and would be disbursed soon.

“The Teamsters’ contribution to the RNC was approved in December before any meeting with Donald Trump, it was issued in January, and it will be sent soon. The Teamsters contributed $45,000 to both the Democratic and Republican convention funds. It’s not since 2000 that our union has participated in both conventions,” Deniz said.

“In the Teamsters, all our members’ voices will be heard, regardless of party,” she added. “Rank-and-file members will be on the ground and active in both conventions this year to make sure elected officials know the Teamsters’ issues and are hearing the challenges that working people face in this country.”

“Such an interesting meeting with the Teamsters. They should go with Trump, rather than a guy who can’t put two sentences together, or find the stairs from a stage. I will stop Illegal Immigration, which will Save the Teamsters. Biden will only make it worse!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

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“Our rank-and-file and our General Executive Board had a direct conversation with the former President, and we made sure he left the room with an understanding of our membership’s priorities,” O’Brien said in a statement after the January 31 meeting with Trump. “The Teamsters are committed to meeting with all declared candidates for President. But it’s important to remember a conversation is not a final decision or endorsement. We’re all going to have to come together and take seriously the issues facing American workers today if we’re going to move this country forward.”

“Evaluating candidates, considering the next President of the United States, and putting worker issues front-and-center are the most important actions the Teamsters will take this year,” the union’s General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman said. “The Teamsters appreciate all candidates who have so far taken the time to attend these critical roundtable discussions, including President Trump. Rank-and-file Teamsters move this country and impact our elections. Teamster families vote in every state in our union. Workers’ voices need to be heard, and their votes need to be earned by our elected officials.”

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