Ted Cruz doesn’t even try to contain his glee over House victory: ‘Hot diggity damn, Nancy Pelosi’s gone’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) could not contain himself on his podcast, celebrating the departure of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as she rides off into the sunset on her private jet that he compared to a broom, quipping, “Hot diggity damn, Nancy Pelosi is gone.”

(Audio Credit: Verdict with Ted Cruz)

Pelosi made an announcement this week that she would step aside and let younger Democrat leadership take over after her party lost control of the House in the midterm elections. They may have to pry the gavel out of her hands, though.

On Friday’s episode of “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the senator and co-host Ben Ferguson gleefully celebrated the end of the Pelosi era.

“So I just wanna say one very simple thing. Nancy Pelosi is gone. Nancy Pelosi is gone. Nancy Pelosi is gone. Hot diggity damn, Nancy Pelosi is gone,” Cruz smilingly exclaimed, his delight at her departure evident.

Cruz took great pleasure in the knowledge that the name plaque in front of Pelosi’s office would soon be changed to one with Republican Kevin McCarthy’s name on it.

(Video Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston)

“I will tell you, as you know when we did the month-long 17-state national bus tour, the closing of my speech at every single rally… I said… ‘You know, I and JD are gonna be walking down the hallway in the Capitol and we’re gonna bump into a little man wearing overalls, carrying a screwdriver, coming to change the sign on Nancy Pelosi’s door,’” Cruz recounted.

“And inevitably the crowd would go wild at that point. And then I would say, ‘and Nancy is gonna get on her broom,’ people would laugh. And I’d say, ‘Okay, that’s not fair. That’s not right. Nancy is gonna get on her private jet, the USS Broom, and she’s gonna fly back to San Francisco. And for her sake, I really hope that her husband doesn’t pick her up at the airport,’” he snarked.

The Texan reminisced how each and every crowd he spoke to went wild over the news that Pelosi would soon be out of power. He noted that although the midterm elections did not pan out the way Republicans had hoped they would, the country is far better off with Pelosi gone.

“We’re all bummed that last week’s election wasn’t much, much better. It should have been phenomenal. We should have had a big majority in the Senate. We should have had a massive majority in the House. We don’t,” Cruz bluntly stated.

But the sadness of less-than-spectacular election results for conservatives is certainly tempered by the fact that the entire Republican Party is breathing a sigh of relief that Pelosi, who ruled with an iron fist in a Gucci glove, is finally gone. Cruz celebrated her long-awaited departure with a ton of other conservatives who despised the powerful Democrat.

“But let’s take a moment to celebrate and say we did something that really mattered, which is we won a majority in the House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi is out of a job, and America is better off,” he added. “Our liberty is safer, our lives are more secure because the most radical demagogic socialist, left-wing Speaker of the House in the history of America is now out of a job.”

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