Terrifying moment cop lifts mattress to discover armed suspect caught on bodycam

Terrifying body camera footage released by the Oklahoma City Police Department captured the moment officers found an armed suspect wanted for an out-of-state warrant hiding under a mattress.

The released video was from a deadly officer-involved shooting in rural Oklahoma County earlier this month, Oklahoma News 4 reported. Officers were responding to a call that the suspect, Timothy Johnson, had entered a travel trailer at a property and had not come back out.

An OCP narrator said officers met with the woman who lived there, Jennifer Garner, who gave them consent to search the trailer after telling them that nobody was inside.

“Sammy, this is the police department,” an officer is heard saying as they entered — this being the suspect’s alias. “If you are in here you need to make yourself known.”

Police searched the trailer and would eventually lift up a mattress where Johnson was hiding. Upon being discovered, Johnson can be seen raising a pistol and pointing it at the officer directly in front of him. That officer fired his weapon before evacuating the trailer along with his fellow officers.

Johnson can be heard seemingly calling out in pain, as the officers reenter the trailer they tell him to come out with his hands up as shots suddenly ring out.

The officers, including one cop with a long gun, return fire and killed Johnson.

One of the officers was treated for injuries and released from a local hospital, according to the independent station.

“All three officers who fired their weapons have been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” KFOR-TV reported. The officers were identified as Sgt. Cody Rodgers, Officer David Mauck, and Officer Elisa McCoy.”

Tom Tillison


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