Terrifying video shows apparent abduction of a woman at an Arizona gas station

Terrifying video footage of what one witness suggested was an abduction, a woman was seen jumping out of a vehicle at a gas station only to be violently grabbed by the driver and shoved back inside.

A gray Nissan Rogue is seen pulling up to a gas pump at a Circle K in Buckeye, Arizona. The woman exited and began quickly moving away from the vehicle. That’s when a male driver got out and grabbed the woman around the neck, yanking her back into the SUV. The vehicle then sped off without getting gas.

The footage was reportedly too poor to obtain the license plate number, and police said it is “extremely crucial” to find the woman, suggesting she may be the victim of an “assault and abduction.”

“That video is extremely concerning to us, and we understand that that video would be concerning to the viewers that are watching it, so that’s why we were here today, asking for information from the public to help us identify these two subjects, to help identify them and see if this woman is OK,” Buckeye Police Department Sgt. Tamela Skaggs said, according to Fox 10.

“We know nothing about these two subjects — if they know each other, if they’re in a relationship together — we don’t know anything about them,” she said. “The timing in this investigation is extremely crucial. Watching that video, we are concerned for that female. There are too many unknowns in this investigation. That video right now is all that we have.”

Skaggs said they only received one call from a witness to the troubling incident.

“The witness was extremely concerned and called it in as a possible abduction,” the sergeant said.

There is nothing to indicate that the suspect is an illegal immigrant, however, Arizona is currently a hotbed of activity for those wishing to enter the U.S. illegally, The apparent abduction comes amid a growing string of vicious crimes being committed by illegal immigrants.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

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