Texas Dem ridiculed for 8 hour ‘thirst strike’ on Capitol steps: ‘This guy basically skipped lunch’

U.S. Rep. Greg Casar, D-Texas, was mocked unmercifully online over a “thirst strike” he participated in on Tuesday, with the goal being to call attention to establishing a federal workplace standard that would mandate water breaks for people who work in the heat.

“It’s challenging and it’s hot, but it’s not as hot as it is in Texas,” Casar said from the steps of the U.S. Capitol at the start of the so-called strike.

“Rep. Greg Casar is going on a *thirst strike* starting at 10:30am today on the House steps. He’s drawing attention to the need for a federal workplace heat standard, including protections for rest and water breaks,” Insider reporter Bryan Metzger tweeted, before sharing a video of the Democrat taking a drink of water at the end of the stunt.

More than a hundred House members and Senators have signed a letter calling on the White House and Occupational Safety and Health Administration to fast-track federal workplace heat protections, according to the Texas Tribune.

Cesar would take to Twitter the following day to let it be known that his sacrifice was even greater than advertised, noting that he went an unbearable 9 hours without food or water.

“Yesterday was incredible. I was honored to be joined at my thirst strike by workers in Texas and across the nation—and by lots of colleagues pushing for federal heat safety protections. 9 hours without water or food, but I’m more energized than ever to get this done,” the lawmaker tweeted.

Or, as noted below, Casar essentially “skipped lunch” … assuming he didn’t have an early lunch, which is also possible:

The ridicule flowed as readily as the water did at the end of Casar’s strike… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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