Texas mall shooter lived with parents, translator requested as police search home

The identity of the suspect alleged to have murdered at least eight people at a Texas outlet mall Saturday remained undisclosed as police searched his parents’ home and requested the aid of a translator.

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Saturday afternoon at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas, roughly twenty miles north of Dallas, a man opened fire on shoppers, wounding at least 15 people, eight of them fatally. With seven others transported to a local hospital after an officer had neutralized the threat, an investigation began leading law enforcement to a home in Northeast Dallas.

Reporting from outside the home located roughly a half hour drive from the site of Saturday’s tragedy, WFAA disclosed that the suspect was believed to have lived at the residence with his parents.

Officially, the suspect had yet to be connected to the murders in Allen and so authorities continued to withhold the man’s identity as FBI agents were among those question the family via a translator.

Speaking with residents who lived nearby, the outlet confirmed that the man considered to be responsible for eight deaths was in his 30s. Neighbors suggested he had always been very quiet and they described him often seen wearing attire that looked like a security uniform.

Additionally, locals confirmed that a gray Dodge Charger was regularly seen parked in front of the home and that it had been notably absent in recent weeks. The car matched the description of the vehicle that witnesses had seen the suspect step out of before opening fire outside the H&M store.

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According to WFAA, the investigation will likely involve “days — or even weeks” teeming through the suspects belongings in an effort to uncover a motive. However, the process has been stymied to an extent as a result of a ransomware attack that affected the computers of the Dallas Police Department Wednesday. For the time being, computers were said to still be down limiting access to information about any past calls dispatched to the suspect’s home.

In addition to the suspect’s identity remaining undisclosed the names of the victim’s have yet to be announced. What was known, according to a spokesperson for Medical City Healthcare, was that the victim’s ages ranged from “5 to 61 years old.”

The wounded had been transported to Medical City McKinney, a level two trauma center north of the Allen Premium Outlets, where three surviving victims were initially reported to be in critical condition with the other four said to have been stable.

As the investigation continues, the city of Allen announced that a vigil to honor the victims would be held Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Cottonwood Creek Church off the Sam Rayburn Tollway. Having returned from the capital to see to his constituents state Rep. Jeff Leach said the gathering would be a “much needed night of healing and hope.”

Editor’s Note: Fox News Digital reported after this article was published that obtained records “indicate the suspect is 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia of Dallas, Texas.”

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