Texas Supreme Court allows law banning gender-affirming care for trans minors to go forward

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that a law banning gender-affirming care for minors can be implemented starting Friday, nixing puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and transition surgeries for children.

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The Left attempted to block Senate Bill 14 by suing on behalf of the families and doctors, including the American Civil Liberties Union, according to NBC News. They called the ruling “cruel.”

“Transgender youth and their families are forced to confront the start of the school year fearful of what awaits them. But let us be clear: The fight is far from over,” the advocacy groups said in a joint statement.

Just last week, a state district judge decided that the law violated the rights of transgender children and their families to seek appropriate medical care, and violated doctors’ ability to follow “well-established, evidence-based” medical guidelines under threat of losing their license.

That ruling was immediately appealed by state officials to the Texas Supreme Court which slapped it down.

“The order from the all-Republican Supreme Court lifting the injunction and allowing the law to take effect did not explain the decision. The order did not address the lower court’s ruling that the law is unconstitutional, and a full hearing is expected,” NBC News reported.

Over 20 states have now put laws in place banning at least some gender-affirming care for minors. Some have been implemented, and others are being appealed.

“The Texas law would prevent transgender minors from accessing hormone therapies, puberty blockers, and transition surgeries, even though medical experts say such surgical procedures are rarely performed on children. Children who already started the medications being banned are required to be weaned off in a ‘medically appropriate’ manner, the law said,” NBC News continued.

Jonathan Covey, a policy director for Texas Values, a conservative group that supported the law, stated, “Texas kids are safer today because of the Supreme Court ruling. Protecting children from harmful and dangerous gender transition surgeries and puberty blockers is in the best interests of the child and something we all agree on.”

The left’s lawsuit contended that the Texas law would have dangerous consequences for transgender teens if they were prevented from obtaining treatment recommended by their physicians and parents.

A number of doctors who treat transgender children claim they are worried that their patients will suffer deteriorating mental health, which could potentially lead to suicide, according to NBC News. They do not mention the fact that many children who undergo these mutilating surgeries are reportedly far more likely to commit suicide.

GLMA, an LGBTQ health advocacy group and one of the parties that filed the suit against the ban, called the ruling “a blatant disregard for the human rights and dignities of LGBTQ+ individuals,” according to CNN.

“By allowing discriminatory practices to persist within the healthcare system, the court threatens not only the physical health but also the mental and emotional wellbeing of countless Texans,” GLMA president Nick Grant declared in a statement.

The ACLU of Texas blasted the high court’s decision on Thursday, calling the ban an “unjust” law.

“Let’s be clear: Trans youth are loved and belong in Texas,” the organization posted on X. “We won’t stop until this cruel ban is struck down.”

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed the Texas ban into law in June.

Users on X were thrilled the law passed:

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