‘The Atlantic’ writer Mark Leibovich shreds ‘weak’ Biden: ‘Much too old to run for president’

A left-wing “journalist” is out with a stunning column slamming President Joe Biden as a “weak” presidential candidate.

Mark Leibovich is his name, and he usually spends his days writing columns for The Atlantic bashing Republicans. But not this time.

In his latest column published Friday, he made the case that, despite all the obstacles (including blatant lawfare) former President Trump faces in seeking reelection, they pale in comparison to Biden’s weakness.

“No matter the obstacles Trump creates for himself, Biden remains a comprehensively weak incumbent, weighed down by the same liabilities that burdened him from the start, beginning with the largest, and completely unfixable, one: At 81, he is much too old to run for president,” Leibovich wrote.

“Durable supermajorities of voters still do not want any part of Biden at this age. His bullheaded insistence on doing something no one has ever done (Ronald Reagan, then the oldest president in American history, was 77 when he retired), along with the unwillingness or inability of Democrats to stop him, remains an existentially risky, potentially disastrous, proposition. The stakes remain appallingly high. If Biden loses in November, that’s all anyone will remember him for.”

Leibovich continued his column by pointing to data showing Biden trailing Trump in the polls.

“[I]t’s not just vibes: It’s the stagnant data behind them, a dynamic that’s been locked in place for months. At best, Biden is still tied in national polls, and he has shown little evidence of reversing his deficits in the most contested states,” he wrote.

Indeed, polling averages maintained by RealClearPolitics show Trump marginally leading Biden nationally but trouncing the president in numerous swing state polls.

It doesn’t help, Leibovich added, that there are so many third-party candidates this election cycle.

“This could easily prove to be bad news for Biden, as evidenced by an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll last month that had Biden up two points over Trump in a two-person race, but losing by four when [Robert F.] Kennedy, [Jill] Stein, and [Cornel] West were included,” he explained.

Leibovich then took a shot at the numerous Biden sycophants who’ve kept babbling incessantly that the president is just fine.

“In its ongoing effort to console nervous Democrats, Bidenworld keeps trotting out its usual barrage of ‘Don’t worry,’ ‘Voters haven’t really tuned in yet,’ and ‘There’s still plenty of time left,'” he wrote. “It is now June. Is this reassurance or wishful thinking? Does Biden’s team have any coherent message about what he hopes to accomplish in a second term, apart from thwarting Trump and staying alive?”

Good question. So far the president’s campaign has focused almost exclusively on the ongoing lawfare efforts against the Democrats’ political opponent. Biden’s campaign even went so far as to hold a press conference outside Trump’s hush money trial about a week ago.

Before moving on further, Leibovich threw in some typical Democrat butt-kissing.

“A credible case could be made that Biden has done a good job as president, starting with the achievement that has earned him hero-of-democracy status: beating a racist autocrat in 2020,” he wrote. “Biden has passed meaningful legislation; managed, to some degree of success (so far, at least), a welter of impossible foreign-policy crises; and generally been a norm-respecting mensch.”

Of course, Leibovich is a raging leftist, so expecting him to live in reality is clearly a bridge too far.

After the brief sycophancy, he continued his actual column.

“You could also make a case that he has been a terrible candidate for reelection from the start,” he correctly noted this time. “His presidential approval numbers would likely be higher had he imposed a four-year limit on himself and actually served as a ‘bridge’ to younger Democratic leaders, as he suggested he would during his 2020 campaign.”

Leibovich’s column has prompted massive rage from dear leader’s adoring groupies and brownshirts.

Look (*Language warning):

Remember, in a true left-wing democracy, nobody should be allowed to criticize dear leader.

Vivek Saxena


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