‘The commies are mad’: Miami Herald whines about Florida’s new anti-squatting law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has once again acted decisively to address a growing problem with a new anti-squatting law and the Miami Herald is whining about it.

Thanks to lax laws that favor criminals over law-abiding citizens, squatters have been invading and occupying homes that they have no right to reside in, costing the rightful owners dearly as they have found, much to their horror, that they have little recourse to quickly remove them from the property.

That isn’t going to fly in Florida thanks to DeSantis who last month signed new legislation to crack down on squatting by empowering law enforcement to kick them out and stripping them of rights that have been abused elsewhere.

As is typically the case with the propagandists who run interference for lawless Democrats, the South Florida newspaper assailed DeSantis and Republicans over standing up for the rights of homeowners, suggesting that Republicans were making political hay by blowing squatting out of proportion and concocting a new “buzzword” to distract from the “housing crisis.”

“Property rights plus immigration? ‘Squatters rights’? It all plays to the favorite right-wing theme that America is under siege from leftists, immigrants and criminals. Stoking fear is a powerful way to drive up turnout in elections,” wrote the paper’s editorial board, conjuring phantoms of nonexistent racism and xenophobia to defend Democrats which seems to be the primary job for today’s media.

The Herald references a Washington Post story citing so-called “experts” who cast doubt on whether there’s really a problem with squatters at all to infer that Republicans are overblowing an “extremely rare” phenomenon for political advantage.

“So is this about ‘liberal’ states or a real issue? In a state like Florida, where rent and housing prices and the cost of insurance have become serious problems with no solution in sight, this may be mostly an attempt to distract us from focusing on what really needs fixing,” the Herald states, accusing DeSantis of trickery.

DeSantis press secretary Jeremy Redfern responded in a tweet: “It’s a ‘buzzword’ because @GovRonDeSantis ended the squatter scam problem in Florida. The commies at the Herald are mad about it.”

The paper’s brazenly political slant was blasted by X users who were incredulous that the Miami Herald would side with criminal squatters.

“We are putting an end to the squatters scam in Florida,” DeSantis said. “While other states are siding with the squatters, we are protecting property owners and punishing criminals looking to game the system.”

Chris Donaldson


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