‘The greatest gender reveal ever’: Wild WWE-style production one for the ages

Gender reveal parties have exploded in popularity in the social media era with parents vying for attention for the most creative ideas to grasp their brief moment of stardom.

Often the videos of the parties are silly and sometimes tragic, but every now and then, one gets posted that is truly worthy of superstar status such as the staged wrestling match that is blowing up on X, previously known as Twitter, with it drawing such accolades as the “greatest gender reveal ever.”

In the video, a midget male climbs onto the canvas which is set up in a backyard with partygoers seated ringside as a burly, bearded, tattooed man flexes before he also jumps into the ring,” it isn’t clear what his relationship to the baby is, or if there is one.

The pair go through all of the WWE-type moves with the smaller wrestler getting the worst of it in the beginning before he ultimately prevails to the delight of the crowd as he sprays them with confetti and announces that it’s a boy.

The reviews rolled in from X users and they were overwhelmingly impressed with the show with many praising it and others chiming in with their witty comments.

The video was definitely a crowd pleaser and ranks in the upper echelon of gender reveal parties.

Chris Donaldson


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