‘The Irish are sending a message’: Ireland hotel set to house ‘asylum seekers’ burns

From blockade to blaze, protesters eyed in the investigation of village hotel fire after Ireland’s government announced a plan to house illegals there: “The Irish are sending a message.”

Nationalist sentiment across the Emerald Isle only appeared to be heating up Saturday in opposition to the government’s ongoing acceptance and housing of aliens, and in particular, single, adult males. A scheme akin to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ (D) use of hotels as shelters may have garnered more than mere pushback with arson being considered at the Ross Lake House in the village of Rosscahill, Galway.

According to The Irish Times, protesters had gathered outside the hotel that had not been used for an unspecified number of years after the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integrations and Youth had announced Friday that 70 applicants for international protection were set to be housed there by Thursday.

Activist Tommy Robinson shared footage of the hotel from Saturday after it “mysteriously caught fire” leading Ian Miles Cheong to comment on the incident, “The Irish are sending a message.”

In a statement from An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s National Police, a spokesman expressed that the blaze was being investigated as a “criminal damage incident by fire.”

“The incident happened at around 11.35pm and afterwards fire services brought the fire under control,” the spokesman stated. “There were no persons inside the building at the time of the incident. The scene has been preserved and a technical examination will take place later today.”

Reacting to the suspected arson, the minister for the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Roderic O’Gorman, took to X to decry the damage wrought and the supposed “fear mongering” that came with it.

“Deeply disturbing news from Galway last night,” wrote O’Gorman. “Politicians across the board should condemn this disgraceful act and the fear mongering that led to it.”

Citizens of Ireland were said to have passed the “breaking point” in November when a man, later described as an immigrant from Algeria, had stabbed multiple people in Dublin, including three children.

As riots ensued, MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s comments about the failings of the government to address the crisis and the sentiment that “Ireland is full,” propelled the popular native to the top of the list as a presidential favorite for many.

Days before the Ross Lake House fire, he had added his own take to a similar housing arrangement to the north in Ballyshannon and said on X, “This phenomenon, which began early 2023 in East Wall Dublin, has been happening non stop across the length and breadth of Ireland.”

“Greed on the part of the failed hoteliers and building owners, as well as the bus companies. Destabilization on the part of government. Surely, it is this. You cannot tell me this procedure isn’t a major lapse in the security of our country,” he argued.

Calling out Ireland’s prime minister, McGregor added, “You said you are not asking for the permission of our communities if you can house these people in our towns, you are telling. The communities will grant you the same courtesy and not tell you they are going to stop it. You are harboring the ruination of Ireland. Shame on your mother.”

Similar sentiments were shared on social media as users voiced their favor for the outcome that prevented the aliens from being harbored in the village in serious and sarcastic ways.

Kevin Haggerty


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