‘Breaking point’: Dublin goes up in flames after alleged migrant stabs children, gov’t/media complex blast ‘far-right’ protests

Citizens of Dublin, Ireland, have set the city ablaze in protest of a knife attack that left five people, including three young children, injured.

Al Jazeera reports that the arrested suspect is “a man in his 50s,” and, “Police would not comment on the identity or nationality of the detained man.”

On X, journalist Andy Ngo stated that the suspect is “an immigrant.”

“A source who witnessed the rioting in Dublin, Ireland sent this to me,” he said of a video clip of the pandemonium. “He said many Irish people have had enough of violence, sex crimes and housing issues caused by migrants, and the revelation that an immigrant suspect allegedly was responsible for the mass stabbing attack on children in the city center was a breaking point.”

Rather than blame the guy with the knife, Police Commissioner Drew Harris blamed a “lunatic, hooligan faction driven by a far-right ideology” for the unrest, according to Al Jazeera.

Other outlets seized on the statement, repeating the claim that the destruction is the fault of the “far right.”

In a Thursday statement, Chief Superintendent Patrick McMenamin claimed “the violence had nothing whatsoever to do with the serious assault which occurred this afternoon in Parnell Square.”

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar called the unrest “disgraceful” and vowed that the Gardai, Ireland’s state police force, would fight back against “waves of ignorance and criminality.”

“Those involved have brought shame on Dublin, brought shame on Ireland and brought shame on their families and themselves,” Varadkar said. “This is not who we are. This is not who we want to be, and this is not who we will ever be.”

Video of the firey unrest is flooding social media, with images of a bus on fire making the rounds.

According to Reuters, “A double decker bus was burned to the ground in front of the Daniel O’Connell statue at the head of the street and windows were smashed at a nearby Holiday Inn hotel and McDonalds restaurant. A Footlocker store was looted.”

“A police car was also burnt out,” the outlet added.

The attack that spawned the riots is under investigation.

“Harris said all lines of inquiry related to the attack remained open, contradicting a senior officer who had earlier told reporters that police were satisfied the incident was not terror-related,” Reuters reports.

“I’m not going to speculate any further in respect of a terrorist motive,” Harris said. “Until we’re sure what the motive is, we have to keep an open mind as to why this happened.”

According to Reuters:

The scene was still sealed off shortly before 1800 GMT when a group of around 50 anti-immigrant protesters briefly broke through a police barrier. Some shouted “get them out” and one kicked the wing mirror off a police car. Another was draped in an Irish flag.

A larger crowd then began throwing objects and firing fireworks at riot police in helmets and shields, once they were deployed, and the rioting spiraled out of control. The crowds began to disperse around 2100 GMT.

The outlet notes: “Net migration among Ireland’s 5.3 million population rose to its second highest level since records began in the 12 months to April and around 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived since Russia’s invasion, among the highest per capita in the EU.”

Justice Minister Helen McEntee blamed the “thugs” who were pushing back against the progressive immigration policy.

“There is a group of people, thugs, criminals, who are using this appalling attack to sow division,” she told reporters. “Every force possible is being used by the Gardai (police) to restore order. This will not be tolerated.”

Melissa Fine


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