‘The Joke is on us’: Chris Cuomo blasts Biden for laughing at border crisis, shreds media for ignoring

President Joe Biden’s wisecracks about the border crisis left NewsNation host Chris Cuomo making the case how what’s good for politicians has ensured “the joke is on us.”

(Video: NewsNation)

At every turn, the Biden administration’s response to the crisis at the southern border has been one of subverting national sovereignty. Flippancy toward what is ultimately a security and economic disaster was exacerbated by corporate media coverage, a point Cuomo called out as he broadcast live from El Paso, Texas on Monday.

“You heard all the politics about how there was going to be an invasion and now there’s literally almost no one here, and for you, the absence of people should be more frightening than seeing the big groups because when you see big groups, that means you know where migrants are,” he laid out.

Noting how, of the tens of thousands of illegal aliens that had crossed the border in the days that bracketed the end of Title 42, the identities, criminal backgrounds and intentions were unknown for many, the host suggested, “The media make a big mistake taking a pass on this because we don’t have the spectacle of massive crowds. Okay?”

“Because the absence should be more frightening because we need to know the answer of where they are, and it really is an indication of how broken this system is,” Cuomo continued emphasizing how Border Patrol did not have the resources to properly vet, process or hold the volume of aliens.

As previously reported, more than 83,000 illegal crossings had occurred in the final days of Title 42 where daily numbers had surpassed 10,000. A sharp decline to 6,300 Friday and 4,200 Saturday was lauded as a victory by Biden who seemingly disregarded the problem while vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, quipping to reporters who asked how things are going with a laugh, “Much better than you all expected.”

But Cuomo didn’t lay all the blame on the administration as he suggested the fault was bipartisan.

“Right and left are wholly unreasonable on this issue. The right couldn’t wait for the hordes to come through, and then when they did and we have our president laughing, ‘Ha ha ha. It’s not as bad as you expected.’ Really? With record numbers being processed and released into America. It’s no laughing matter, but if it is a joke, the joke is on us, because the people in power are allowing this to continue.”

The host noted the benefit provided to members of the GOP who could visit the border, tear into the failings of the president and then leave. Recently, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz did exactly that when he called out Democrats and the complicit media.

“The talking point of the Democrats, which this media reporter happily parrots, is ‘Gosh, the problem can’t be fixed. The problem with that is it is an utter and complete lie,” Cruz railed.

“In 2020, the last year of the Trump presidency, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years…and the first day in office, Joe Biden made political decision to cause this problem…You should be ashamed of yourself! Instead of reporting facts, you’re telling lies!” the senator charged.

Cuomo also noted that former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who served during President Barack Obama’s administration, had admitted in 2019 that 1,000 was a crisis, but the message is being manipulated. “That’s why I can’t get ride alongs with CBP and I can’t get access to them I usually get when I’m covering the border.”

“Why? Because the administration doesn’t want too many images of what the reality is here because they’re trying to control the perception as much as the reality,” he continued. “Of course it’s a crisis. Of course it can be fixed. But it is so demonstrably true that this problem works better for politicians than any solution.”

Kevin Haggerty


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