‘The Last White Man’ book fantasizes about extinction of all white people and the left loves it

The establishment left is currently gaga over a newly released book, “The Last White Man,” that envisions a dystopian world devoid of white people.

Written by British Pakistani novelist Mohsin Hamid, the book has been receiving rave reviews from the entire establishment press: Wired magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, you name it.

The book tells the tale of a character, a white man named Anders, who wakes up one day with brown skin and finds himself experiencing paranoia regarding the way others perceive him.

“No one at the grocery store seems to notice his transformation — or seems to notice him at all, in fact — but Anders suspects ‘flickers of hostility or distaste’ from White people,” according to The Washington Post.

As more white people start turning brown, they all begin to lose their minds.

“The novel’s existential absurdity quickly gives way to a parable of what might be called racial mourning. The darkening that befalls Anders is happening all over this unnamed town. Everywhere, formerly White people are waking up with skin ‘a deep and undeniable brown,'” the Post explains.

“To the conspiracy minded, hypnotized by incendiary websites and radio shows, this skin-deep change is a calamity, the horrifying culmination of a diabolical ‘plot against their kind.’ Violence flares. ‘Pale-skinned militants, some dressed almost like soldiers in combat uniform,’ take to the streets. Social media lights up with frantic talk of ‘a miracle drug … to undo the horror.’ In despair, some newly darkened people kill themselves.”

In other words, in response to turning brown, white people lose their minds and transform into violent “pale-skinned militants” (known in real life as Antifa).

The book reportedly eventually concludes with all white people having turned brown and peace and calm suddenly permeating the air.

Addressing the book on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” late Tuesday, eponymous host Tucker Carlson wondered why this sort of writing is being praised.


“All of a sudden out of nowhere, it is acceptable in the media to engage in overt race hatred. Here’s the most latest example: Journalists are celebrating a book called ‘The Last White Man.’ It’s a fictional account, but effectively it celebrates the elimination of an entire race, which used to be called genocide, and we were always against that. But not anymore,” Carlson said.

“The author of the book, Mohsin Hamid, said it would be ‘the beginning of something great’ if an entire race disappears. Wired magazine agrees. They called the book ‘a glimpse of a future without white people,’ and of course they’re celebrating this. When did we all get behind the idea of genocide being a good thing? ‘Oh, shut up; don’t notice!’ But it’s hard not to notice because they’re saying it out loud.”

He then invited conservative commentator Pedro Gonzalez onto the show to hear his take.

“It’s a new phenomenon that goes just beyond books, but I think it’s important to actually do an overview of ‘The Last White Man.’ Basically, the characters suffer through these apocalyptic changes as violence escalates as whites disappear. Pale-skinned militants in woodland camos stalk the streets attacking people with impunity from the cops. But a calm settles upon the world once whites disappear from its face forever,” Gonzalez said.

“A book like this — which is somewhere between racial exterminationist literature with a kind of wistful touch and liberal pornography — could only be written about one group, and that privilege is reserved for whites. There’s a whole industry for this stuff. And there are no shortage of eager consumers who eat this stuff up because they believe truly that there’s no limit to the amount of demeaning that we can inflict on whites.”

He wasn’t wrong about there being “no shortage of eager consumers who eat this stuff up.”

As of Wednesday morning, the book’s Amazon page already boasted 129 reviews, the majority of them 4 stars or higher:

(Source: Amazon)

Continuing his remarks, Gonzalez stressed that this blatant racism extends way beyond just books.

“I’ll give you a different but related example of this phenomenon. The Minneapolis Public Schools and local teachers union have recently instituted a new policy in which, when it comes to downsizing and layoffs, the rule is white teachers must be laid off before any teacher of color. In other words, they’ve codified racial discrimination against whites in real life, not in fiction,” he said.

This is true:

“In an age we talk a whole lot about discrimination and hate speech, we’ve actually formally instituted it in the United States against the group who we blame for this stuff, and that is obviously white people,” Gonzalez continued.

Indeed “we” have, as racial essentialist thinking has even taken root in the federal government.

Carlson closed off the discussion by warning that racism never ends well.

“Racism doesn’t ever end well. And at this scale, it’ll end very badly, and I hope they stop it immediately. It’s beyond belief,” he said.


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