The REAL message behind Jill Biden’s declaration that Hunter is ‘innocent’

Last week, first lady Jill Biden declared that her alleged corrupt, crack addict stepson Hunter Biden is “innocent” and has broken no laws, the curious assertion coming amid an ongoing federal investigation of the first son.

“Everybody and their brother has investigated Hunter,” Jill Biden told NBC News.  “They keep at it, and at it, and at it. I know that Hunter is innocent. I love my son, and I will keep looking forward.”

Like most things when it comes to politics, there’s an intended message being delivered here and the New York Post editorial board interpreted Jill Biden’s message thusly, “President Joe Biden’s wife is as big a liar as he is, and they both want the prosecutors who work for Joe to close this thing down as quietly as possible.”

As the newspaper noted, federal investigators are believed to have gathered enough evidence to charge Hunter with potential tax crimes and allegedly lying about his drug addiction to purchase a gun — these being the least of his transgressions, in the eyes of many.

“And of course his laptop holds ample evidence of other major apparent crimes, from unregistered work as a foreign lobbyist to influence-peddling, that would have had Hunter Smith in court long before now,” the editorial board said, emphasizing that the Biden name is a game changer. “All with no special-counsel investigation and no congressional hearings, despite evidence that ‘Big Guy’  Joe got a cut of Hunter’s deals.”

After pointing out that the probe by the Delaware US Attorney “has moved so glacially — going on four years now,” the Post said “sources within the Justice Department felt they needed to prevent a coverup by leaking that there’s already enough evidence against Hunter to support tax- and gun-related charges.”

With President Biden appearing more and more to be serious about running for reelection, Jill Biden appears to be sending Attorney General Merrick Garland a clear message, the editorial board concluded:

“Fine, you can’t blame a mother for publicly defending her son. But, as Michael Goodwin notes, this follows the president’s similar ‘Hunter’s innocent’ eruption; the combo ‘smells like a double-barreled message to [AG Merrick] Garland to complete the case by the end of the year while allowing them to say they never discussed it with him.’

“With Republicans looking likely to win control of the House and maybe the Senate, the drive is on to get a fast plea deal that seals as much evidence as possible before the GOP can start hearings on this festering Biden family corruption.”


And before you fall for the possibility of motherly affection being the real motivation here, we refer readers back to Hunter’s “laptop from hell.”

When involved in a sexual relationship with his late brother Beau’s widow, Hunter said in a text to Hallie Biden: “F–k my stepmother for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c–t as you.” he reportedly told Hallie in a vicious text.

Hunter also called his stepmom a “f–king moron, a vindictive moron,” in a text message to his uncle James Biden.

“And you do know the drunkest I’ve ever been is still smarter than you could ever even comprehend and you’re a shut [sic] grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in a ivy graduate program,” he also told James, adding, “So go f–k yourself Jill let’s all agree I don’t like you anymore than you like me.”


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Tom Tillison


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