‘The View’ hosts sink to new low, bet $100 on Trump conviction, sentence before 2024 election

Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin wagered $100 on air on whether Donald Trump will be convicted and sentenced before the 2024 presidential election.

The bet came after “The View” cohost Sarah Haines deemed Trump guilty on all counts.

“There’s never been election interference like this. It’s unprecedented,” she proclaimed. “In case you missed it, we haven’t had a former president that stole documents, obstructed justice and tried to steal the election.”

Griffin, who served as communications director in the Trump White House before becoming a strong critic of the former president — hence her seat at the table — interjected to say that she’s not convinced time is on the side of those wanting a Trump conviction before the election.

“Can I say one thing? It’s just my warning. Sunny and I disagree on this, we can take a bet now. I am worried, talking to legal experts — not a lawyer, you are,” Griffin said, speaking to Hostin, who served as a federal prosecutor. “I’m not convinced that any of these Trump cases are going to be tried, convicted and sentenced without — and have him go through an appeal process — before the election.”

“How much we betting?” Hostin asked.

“I’ll put 100 bucks on it,” Griffin said. “No, and I hope she’s right — I hope you are right — but I say that because Republican candidates in the field cannot just be like, ‘Oh, I’m just waiting for him to get arrested and then I’m going to have my moment and take the country in a different direction.’ You have to challenge him now.”

Griffin and Hostin shook on the wager as she spoke, with cohost Joy Behar commenting, “That’s what Chris Christie is doing.”

“That’s what we’re gonna be watching, that’s what the nation’s gonna be watching,” show moderator Whoopi Goldberg said. “What do you want? You know, you say people who are felons can’t vote. Well, why are you letting them run the country, you know?”

“That! That part,” Hostin said excitedly. “If he gets convicted, every single felon in this country should be able to vote.”

Goldberg then rambled on about how Trump’s misfortunes are a “gift.”

“We have been given a gift in the United States. We have been shown a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t work. Things we’ve never had to think about before because it’s never come up before. But now that we see it, this is a big problem,” she said. “This is a huge problem and unless people start making noise, it’s going to be an issue.”

Tom Tillison


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