‘This is not funny’: Eerie interview with Bob Saget three months before death adds to speculation

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Speculation and conspiracy theorizing over comedian and actor Bob Saget’s untimely death last month has ballooned even further thanks to a previously mostly ignored joke he made three months before his death on Jan 9th.

On the Oct. 25th, 2021, edition of his podcast, “Here for You,” Saget specifically made a joke about how he would be “found dead in bed.” The joke was based on his wife’s love for gangster flicks like “Goodfellas” and “Scarface.”

The joke was made during a discussion initiated by his wife, Kelly Rizzo, about their shared interest in watching movies.


“There’s nothing I would rather do than be home, make a nice, cozy dinner, and sit on the couch and build my little fort of pillows, and you know, maybe pour you a scotch and get all cozy on the couch and watch a show. And I know you love to also pepper in movies because you love the movies, and of course I love movies too,” she said.

Saget responded by noting that he doesn’t just love movies — he lives for them.

“Right, but as I said, I absolutely love movies as well,” Rizzo replied.

Saget responded again, this by saying Rizzo only loves five specific movies, starting with “The Big Lebowski,” a crime/gangster flick.

“You love ‘Big Lebowski’ every day. You could watch ‘Big Lebowski’ four times a day,'” he said.

His wife concurred.

“I love ‘Big Lebowski,’ ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Wayne’s World,’ ‘Godfather 2,’ ‘Good Fellas,’ ‘Casino,’ Scarface,” she said.

Save for “Wayne’s World,” all the movies she listed were gangster flicks.

It’s in response to this revelation that Saget said, “So I don’t have long to live if these are your favorites. I’m gonna be found dead in bed.”

Rizzo jokingly replied, “You better watch out!”

The full podcast episode can be seen below:

The joke clip went viral one day after Rizzo and the couple’s three daughters filed a lawsuit to prevent the release of any and all records pertaining to her husband’s untimely death.

That move in itself led to massive speculation and conspiracy theorizing. With the joke clip having since gone viral, the speculation has ballooned even further.

Case in point:

The prevailing theory seems to be that he was “murdered” by either his wife or Hillary Clinton. FYI, there’s no evidence to substantiate any of these conspiracy theories.

And indeed, the majority of people who’ve responded to the viral clip shared Wednesday have been quick to note that Saget had always been known for his “dark” sense of humor.


Though in fairness to the conspiracy theorizers, Saget’s sense of humor still doesn’t explain why his family is trying to keep the details of his death hidden …

Vivek Saxena


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