FDA official explains yearly COVID jabs to supply recurring revenue is ultimate goal in video sting

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The conservative watchdog/investigation group Project Veritas has obtained video footage recorded earlier this month of a high-level Food and Drug Administration official saying to an undercover reporter that the Biden administration intends to make COVID vaccine/booster shots an annual requirement.

“Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible. … So you have to get an annual shot. I mean it hasn’t been formally announced yet because they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up,” the official claims.

The official seen in the footage is Christopher Cole, the executive officer of the FDA’s Countermeasures Initiative (MCMi).

The FDA describes the MCMi as “an FDA-wide initiative to coordinate medical countermeasure (MCM) development, preparedness, and response.” MCMs meanwhile are defined as “FDA-regulated products (biologics, drugs, devices) that may be used in the event of a potential public health emergency.”

“My agency oversees vaccine approvals and devices for vaccines. and my office clears all the emergency approvals. Since COVID is under emergency order, we expedite the approval of any emergency,” Cole says in the footage.

He adds that companies seeking to profit pay “us” to approve their products.

“The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies, they pay us hundreds of millions dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products,”  he says.

Pivoting to the pharmaceutical industry in particular, he adds, “If they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company. I mean, just from everything I’ve heard, they’re not going to not approve this.”

Watch the full footage below:

Contained in the footage released Tuesday are numerous additional bombshells, including Cole’s admission — made as he expressed concern with the idea of prematurely inoculating children — that emergency use authorizations allow the government to essentially skirt regular standards.

“We’re looking at, trying to approve — I don’t completely agree with the process — they’re looking at trying to inoculate kids under five years old, between six months and five years old,” he says.

This prompts the undercover PV reporter to ask, “What do you mean you don’t agree with the process?”

Cole responds by claiming that not enough tests have been conducted.

“Well, I mean they don’t have all the … all the tests aren’t there. So I agree with the thing that is important to inoculate them, but you can’t provide the parent as much assurity as you normally want to,” he says.

But this is by design.

“It’s an EUA [emergency use authorization] for all age groups, all designations and then you have to get approved by specific age groups based on the study. … They’re all approved under an emergency just because … the efficacy data doesn’t have to be as high. The standard on emergency use authorizations is that it does more benefit than harm,” he explains.

Following Project Veritas’ investigation going viral, the FDA released a statement denying everything.

“The person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA,” FDA press officer Abby Capobianco said.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Hannity” late Wednesday, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe called bull on the statement:

Regarding the “person purportedly in the video,” he noted that “there [Cole] is in the video” in plain sight.

“These are not my claims. [They are] claims out of the mouth of an executive person inside the Food and Drug Administration,” he said.

And regarding the FDA’s assertion that Cole “does not work on vaccine matters,” O’Keefe noted that in the undercover footage, “he says and repeatedly that he handles these emergency youth authorizations on toddler vaccines.”

“He says there the FDA is not going to not approve this so-called toddler vaccine. He’s basically rubber stamping it,” the Project Veritas founder continued.

Cole has for his part also tried to play coy. When O’Keefe confronted him to ask that he consider becoming a whistleblower, he suddenly claimed he’d misspoken.

“I asked him to become a whistleblower. Obviously, he’s saying some very true things here. He is saying he misspoke. And I said ‘which part did you misspeak about?’ And he said: ‘Well, then I was speaking in private, I didn’t want my remarks publicized,'” O’Keefe explained on Fox News.

He added, “Of course, that is the whole idea of journalism is to make public what powerful people want kept private.”

Below is a video of him confronting Cole:

Earlier Wednesday, Project Veritas additional published undercover footage of Cole speaking more about the pharmaceutical industry’s profits.

“Congress approved user fees for [the] FDA. Basically, we charge the industry millions of dollars in order to hire more drug reviewers and vaccine reviewers which will speed up the approval process. So, they [pharmaceutical companies] make more money,” he says.

“They [FDA] tone down the impact of the user fees on their operations because they know they’re dependent on the drug companies, and the vaccine companies, and these other companies for their agency to operate.”

At one point in the footage, he tellingly talks about there being no incentive for FDA whistleblowers to come forward with information.

“There’s not an incentive to speak out in government, surprisingly. You would think there would be, but there’s not. It’s better just to just not say anything and just ignore it,” he said.

His own behavior seems to prove the point …

Concluding his remarks on Fox News, O’Keefe said, “These are serious ethical issues.”

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