TIME mag PUMMELED for piece with author of Gender Queer on ‘eir’ challenges distributing GRAPHIC kids book

TIME magazine may have just divested itself of all credibility with the readers it has spent a hundred years cultivating with a single tweet that has pushed “wokeness” to the breaking point for many still-sane social media users.

Never mind that the feature article TIME was pushing centers around a book for children that is so sexually explicit we at American Wire are hesitant to publish any excerpts, the verbiage TIME used to promote it is so ridiculous, it defies the understood laws of accepted journalism–or, at least, it did before progressive whims were legitimized by the mainstream media and the Biden administration.

“TIME spoke to ‘Gender Queer’ author and illustrator Maia Kobabe on about eir work, the efforts to restrict access to eir writing, and what ey make of the current cultural moment,” the iconic magazine tweeted, presumably with a straight face.

“What the hell is an ‘eir’?” asked Wrong Speak founder Adam Coleman. “I thought Time was having mini strokes as they were typing this out or something.”

No, an “eir” isn’t the result of bleeding in the brain, it’s what happens when enough people humor narcissistic radicals and force others to play along, lest they be accused of being “hateful.”

But there is just so much in this one TIME tweet to ridicule, it’s hard to know where to begin.

First, there is the very nature of the book Kobabe has written.

“Gender Queer” has made headlines across the nation for all the wrong reasons.

The book is little more than illustrated porn for kids, as one user on Twitter was quick to point out.



As TIME reports, the book “was the most challenged book of 2021, according to the American Library Association (ALA).”

The latest challenge came in the form of a lawsuit which sought to label the book as obscene and prohibit its sale to minors in Virginia.

Kobabe, TIME writes, is celebrating, after a Virginia court dismissed the lawsuit and, in the process, “struck down a portion of Virginia’s decades-old obscenity law.”

And then there’s TIME’s repeated use of Kobabe’s preferred pronouns.

For Twitter, it was all too much to take without a healthy dose of mocking.

“My pronouns are kwioaljfnaueakjnfkak/ealjnuaepasnfjnweounaljsnflajnelfnakjaf/ajnfoenfoiefnkjnfiuouenafef03910394,” tweeted Matt Walsh. “Please refer to me accordingly.”

An account that goes by the name “Gays Against Groomers” had questions.

“Can anyone at TIME please inform us what eir/ey pronouns mean? No really, we have no idea, because it’s NOT REAL,” the account tweeted, adding, “Why is TIME glorifying someone that created pornography FOR CHILDREN? This book should be banned from ALL schools. #GaysAgainstGroomers.”

But as another user noted, TIME’s verbiage isn’t just “weird,” it’s a danger to society.

“Using these absurd neopronouns isn’t just silly and weird, it helps normalize a regressive pseudoscientific ideology that is inflicting enormous harm on society,” stated evolutionary biologist Colin Wright. “Do not comply.”


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