Top Biden campaign official reportedly made Zoom call to Haley backers after Trump endorsement

A top Biden campaign official reportedly held a Zoom call with former Nikki Haley supporters hours after she publicly endorsed former President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

“The Zoom meeting involved Biden’s deputy political director Juan Peñalosa and members of the Haley Voters Working Group, a nonprofit composed of former Haley supporters,” according to an exclusive report from Politico. “And though it had been scheduled prior to Haley’s announcement, the message conveyed didn’t change.”

“Peñalosa stressed that the campaign would continue to quietly reach out to current and former Republican elected officials who don’t support Trump. The goal wouldn’t just be to win their votes or campaign donations but to potentially offer endorsements of Biden as well,” Politico reported on Thursday.

FYI, the Haley Voters Working Group is basically comprised of pro-Haley Never Trumpers desperate to vote for anybody but Trump.

“They [the Biden campaign] said they’re going to have prominent Republican surrogates, like [former Georgia Lt. Gov.] Geoff Duncan, but that there are others they haven’t announced,” Haley Voters Working Group executive director Robert Schwartz told Politico. “They separately plan on having Republican volunteers in battleground states talk to other Republicans.”

The goal evidently is to convince Republican voters to abandon all their principles and vote for President Joe Biden. It’s not a new effort. The Biden campaign has been trying to woo former Haley supporters ever since she dropped out of the presidential election in March.

“It has spent more than $1 million on TV and digital ads featuring Trump bad-mouthing Haley, particularly in Pennsylvania,” according to Politico.

During the Zoom call, Peñalosa “stressed that [Biden’s team] knows they need to earn their votes,” according to Schwartz.

“He said he was raising the concerns and the input with the campaign, and that he was very willing to come back on the call and he thought other Biden people could attend this call,” the Haley Voters Working Group boss explained.

In response, members of the group raised policy concerns with Peñalosa, especially about Biden’s border blunder.

“The common theme was they feel homeless and they need a reason to vote for Biden,” Schwartz said. “A lot of them are just not there yet.”

Speaking separately with The Daily Beast, Schwartz suggested he was mostly satisfied with the Zoom call.

“The fact they actually sent someone last night to speak to a small group … I think that’s a good signal that they’re aware there are huge numbers of Haley voters out there,” he said.

He also went on to defend Biden from Haley’s claim, made during her endorsement of Trump, that the current president’s tenure has been “catastrophic.”

“She has a very wide coalition of voters, including some from the center-left, the center, and conservatives. And I think among strong conservatives, there are a lot of disagreements about Biden’s policy. While I respectfully disagree with her decision to support Trump, I would also respectfully disagree with her characterization of Biden being catastrophic,” he said.

He added that the continued outreach from the Biden campaign is a good sign.

“That’s an important development: the Biden campaign isn’t only investing in digital ads and the traditional media to reach out to Haley voters, but now we’ve been asking them to actually come and talk to them just like they’ve been talking to uncommitted voters and listen to what Haley voters are asking for and what their policy priorities are.”

That said, the group is now facing backlash from people eager to remind them of what a second Biden term in office would look like:

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