Toronto police deliver hot coffee to Hamas supporters ‘blockading’ Jewish community

Video captured a Canadian police force’s complicity, sold as “public safety,” in a pro-Hamas blockade of a Jewish community that included a special delivery.

A far cry from the response to the Freedom Convoy organized against the draconian mandates of the Canadian government, members of the Toronto Police Department were spotted Saturday seeing to the comforts of terrorist sympathizers with a box of joe.

The video, originating from a self-identifying “hate expert,” clearly showed officers acting as a go-between for protesters who had gone to get coffee and were prohibited from re-entering the blockaded overpass.

Rebel News co-founder and CEO Ezra Levant shared the video with the reaction, “Holy f@ck. @torontopolice deliver hot coffee to the Hamas supporters who are blockading the Jewish community in Armour Heights, Toronto.”

An additional video shared by Levant fleshed out the scene as police were seen directing a bus to park, blocking the overpass to traffic therefore permitting and better facilitating the most recent anti-Israel gathering at the location.

“It’s not actually the pro-Hamas extremists who are blocking the road in and out of the Jewish community,” the journalist captioned the video. “It’s the police blocking the Jews for Hamas. They’re also delivering food and drinks to Hamas. Toronto Police do not deserve respect. They are unprofessional and unethical.”

The same road had been closed on New Year’s Day for protests and in their latest statement on the blockade, Toronto Police Operations said on X, “Due to public safety concerns, the Avenue Road overpass is now closed. There will be no access to the bridge. Police are on scene to enforce this in order to keep demonstrators, and passing traffic safe…Stay tuned for updates.”

Outcry stretched beyond social media as the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs reported later Saturday that they had taken their umbrage directly to the police, particularly in light of the coffee handoff.

“Tonight, we spoke with Toronto Police about the impact of the continued rallies at Avenue & 401 & how our community feels about images of officers handing coffee to ‘anti-#Israel protestors.’ Our message was clear: The constant disruption of this major route must end now,” stated CIJA. “This isn’t a typical protest site. It’s an overpass in the heart of a residential neighbourhood, one that’s home to many Jewish families. #Toronto cannot become a city where a few dozen ‘activists’ can harm an entire neighbourhood on a near-daily basis.”

It could not go overlooked how disparate Saturday’s seemingly police-sanctioned pro-Hamas gathering stood in contrast to efforts by Canadian truckers and other freedom-loving individuals who had stood up for their own rights only to have the weight of the government brought down on them.

Libs of TikTok helped circulate the moment with the caption, “In Canada, patriotic truckers get their bank accounts frozen but pro-Palestine protesters blocking a Jewish community get hot coffee delivered to them by police.”

Likewise, Testbed venture firm president Kirk Lubimov wrote, “Cant make this sh!t up. Probably one of the most embarrassing and pathetic moments in Canada’s history along with the Liberals getting a thank you shutout from Hamas leadership and tackling kids who were playing hockey outside without a mask. This can’t be the new Canada.”

Working to prevent that from happening, Federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino was one a number of officials who decried the display and said he was working to see displays of antisemitism be stopped.

“Antisemitism no longer merely lurks in the shadows. It is now increasingly in plain sight,” he had written on New Year’s Eve after another protest of the community included calls of it being a “Zionist Infested Area.” “This is a telltale sign of the erosion of respect that we owe to each other, as Canadians. And it needs to stop…Those who commit hate crimes need to be held accountable.”

Kevin Haggerty


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