‘Traitor!’ Leftists lose it when Dem presidential candidate considers a run with Haley on ‘unity ticket’

Democrat presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips is open to being Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s running mate, not that she has a chance of getting anywhere close to the nomination.

Phillips revealed his interest in being Haley’s running mate for a supposed “unity ticket” while speaking with Minnesota radio station WCCO host Chad Hartman this Thursday.

The idea was introduced by Hartman.


“Wouldn’t all your listeners be more compelled by maybe Nikki Haley and Dean Phillips getting together on a unity ticket and actually doing for the first time, perhaps in our country’s history, what most Americans really want, which is cooperation, collaboration, participation, decency, common sense, leadership?” the radio host said rhetorically.

“So I’m gonna turn the question that way because there’s no way Nikki Haley will become the nominee in the GOP, and the fact of the matter is right now the Democratic Party doesn’t want competition and seems to want to coronate Joe Biden,” he added.

He then asked, “Let’s say she ran as an independent, you would run as her VP?”

Phillips replied by basically saying OK.

“I think it’s a conversation Ambassador Haley and I should have, if that’s what this comes down to. In the event of a Donald Trump victory this November, which is almost certain if Joe Biden is the nominee, I think any American who opposes that should celebrate, encourage, and inspire an alternative that can actually win and lead our country in the way that people want, and I think anybody, including myself, should keep open minds and hearts about that,” he said.

“I hope Nikki Haley does and I think America could be very well served by some type of a bipartisan ticket that restores faith in government and most importantly demonstrates to the world, to the world, that America can work together and restore its extraordinary brand around the entire world,” he added.

Phillip’s remarks prompted immediate rage from leftists who worship President Joe Biden and demand that — in the name of supposed democracy — nobody run against dear leader.

One leftist lunatic even argued that “unity” would be divisive.


One critic pushed back on Phillips by drawing attention to “the laws in multiple states, including his own, that would bar him from being on the ballot on another party’s line after having qualified for [the] Democratic primary.”

In response, the Democrat candidate suggested he could sue and potentially win via the Supreme Court.

“Many legal scholars consider such laws unconstitutional – particularly for presidential elections,” he tweeted. “In presidential primaries, voters are selecting delegates to national conventions – not candidates.”

“I believe the SCOTUS would rule against anti-democratic, suppressive laws passed by partisans protecting a duopoly,” he added.


This response also sparked anger, with critics accusing him of threatening democracy and trying to get former President Donald Trump reelected.

In their feeble minds, democracy only exists if dear leader is guaranteed an easy and non-obstructive path to reelection, never mind the millions of Americans who stand opposed to President Biden and his radically far-left agenda.

Vivek Saxena


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