Trans activists outraged NYT article was published without their ‘guidance’

The New York Times, one of the most liberal papers in America, is facing severe backlash from the gender identity-obsessed wing of the Democrat Party for publishing a somewhat nuanced piece about the debate over whether or not children should be allowed to pursue “gender therapy.”

Published Wednesday and measuring over 10,000 words, the piece broaches taboo subjects such as the fact that some folks who transition as children later come to regret their decision as adults. This aspect of the debate tends to get ignored by those who are pro “gender therapy.”

But the fact that the Times chose to give both sides of the debate fair and equal attention has upset the more radicalized elements of the Democrat Party.

In tweets posted in response to the story, these radicals torched the Times, going so far as to compare it to The Daily Stormer, a literal neo-Nazi website, and compare its sources to members of the Flat Earth Society.

Here’s just a sample of the raging backlash:

The good news is that these radicals appear to represent the minority.

If you pull up the Times’ piece and check out its comments section, you’ll notice that all of the top-voted pieces profess support for the article.

“I very rarely agree with conservatives, but in this area, I do. My 16 year old cannot have spinal surgery to correct a severe curvature — altering her body for pain relief — without my consent, and yet trans activists are agitating for adolescents to be allowed to permanently alter their bodies and adopt a lifelong, medicalized existence. 18 is even too young to be permitted to take cross-sex hormones when the brain doesn’t fully develop until 25,” the top-most comment reads.

This comment boasts over 2,500 likes.


(Source: The New York Times)

Conversely, only a tad over 300 people responded to the Times’ post on Twitter. And while a majority of the 300 responded with vitriol, not everyone did.

The irony is that objectively speaking, the Times’ piece still leans to the left, as evidenced by its claim that backlash to children being allowed to transition is a “right-wing” phenomenon. In fact, the second top-voted comment references this.

“I object to the article’s statement about a ‘right-wing backlash in the United States against allowing them to medically transition, including state-by-state efforts to ban it.’ I’m a lifelong moderate Democrat, but I strongly object to medical transitions for people under the age of 18. I just don’t think people are responsible under the age of 18 to make irreversible medical decisions,” the comment reads.

This comment boasts nearly 2,000 likes.

The truth is that a large number of Republicans, Democrats and Independents have voiced concerns about children seeking “gender therapy.”

The truth likewise is that those who oppose a reasonable, nuanced debate on this topic represent a minority, although it’s hard to tell sometimes because they’re so loud and seemingly abundant — or at least on Twitter.

For the longest time, the media — even Fox News, apparently — catered to this fringe minority. But as of late, things appear to finally be changing.

And not just with the Times. The Associated Press ran a piece on Wednesday about how a “leading transgender health association has lowered its recommended minimum age for starting gender transition treatment, including sex hormones and surgeries.”

What makes the piece notable is that it too somewhat covered both sides of the debate.

When talking about sex hormones, for instance, the AP admitted that “[l]ong-term risks may include infertility and weight gain, along with strokes in trans women and high blood pressure in trans men.”

Speaking with Breitbart News, feminist activist Natasha Chart said that the media’s changing behavior proves that the radicals “are losing control of the narrative.”

And this, of course, is why they’re so upset and pouty on Twitter.

Regarding the Times piece in particular, she said they’re “very unhappy with the way that it was written, that there was any questioning of their narrative, and that it wasn’t written according to their guidance.”


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