Trans HS student arrested after disturbing manifesto comes to light: ‘This gun is going to change lives tomorrow’

A Maryland high school “transgender boy” was arrested this week for plotting a mass shooting in a 129-page manifesto.

The authorities first became aware of Alex Ye, real name Andrea Ye, after someone she’d shared the manifesto with contacted the police.

The tipster said that, while Ye had claimed the manifesto was merely a fictional portrayal of a school mass shooting, the main character of the alleged story bore shocking similarities to its writer.

An investigation soon revealed more disturbing details.

“Law enforcement said they found concerning social media posts and internet searches by Ye, reviewed as part of the investigation, including [her] allegedly querying ‘gun range near me,’ descriptions of an AR-15 and the phrase ‘But, I do recognize that my plan is fully unethical. It’s selfish and evil,'” according to ABC News.

“Chat records obtained by police show Ye discussing thoughts of shooting up his school with another online user in September. In December, Ye allegedly wrote to another user, ‘My homicidal ideation has been getting worse lately to the point I might act on it eventually,’ adding in another message that month, ‘I’d want to kill a lot of people or it wouldn’t be worth it,'” ABC News reported Thursday.

Plus, Ye was reportedly previously hospitalized for threatening to “shoot up a school.” She was then hospitalized again this past March, at which point the hospital also raised concerns about the threat she posed.

A counselor who worked with Ye told law enforcement that she “would express violent thoughts such as shooting up the school” and “would smile while saying it,” according to court documents.

The counselor also reportedly said Ye was “patient and okay with [her] plan being the ‘long game’ and wanted to be famous from this event.”

Below is one particularly disturbing snippet from Ye’s manifesto, courtesy of Baltimore station WBAL:

I want to shoot up a school. I’ve been preparing for months. The gun is an AR-15.  As I walk through the hallways, I cherry pick the classrooms that are the easiest targets. I need to figure out how to sneak the gun in. I have contemplated making bombs. The instructions to make them are surprisingly available online. I have also considered shooting up my former elementary school because little kids make easier targets. High school’s the best target; I’m the most familiar with the layout. I pace around my room like an evil mastermind. I’ve put so much effort into this. My ultimate goal would be to set the world record for the most amount of kills in a shooting. If I have time, I’ll try to decapitate my victims with a knife to turn the injuries into deaths.


The only good news is that there’s no evidence Ye ever purchased any weapons. That said, she’s currently being held by the authorities and awaiting a bond hearing.

Meanwhile, anger is beginning to mount against the police because of their insistence on respecting Ye’s so-called preferred gender and pronouns.

Watch below as one officer repeatedly refers to Ye as “he” and “him”:

Below is just a sliver of the backlash that’s now brewing:

Vivek Saxena


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